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REVIEW: Hard Candy Natural Eyes palette - Chalk City Blues

As a neutral eyeshadow palette freak, I ran to Walmart to get the last Hard Candy Natural Eyes Neutral Eyeshadow Palette on the shelf and went home. I was so excite! (Intentional misspelling.)  After using it three times on three different primers- Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Lorac Behind the Scenes, and the Hard Candy one that came with the palette- I am so not excite.

Ingredient list. Click to enlarge
Comes with a fold-out card showing day to evening looks and the names of each shadow

 Jumping early to the TL;DR - Use the super cute tin to depot your eyeshadows! 

It will fit 15 MAC or Makeup Geek shadows, though you'll have to add magnets to your MUG shadows. You can also fit some shadows into the plastic part where the info card sits by using double-sided tape or you can go to the craft store and get some peel and stick magnets that come in sheet form.

I pried out the plastic part holding the shadows by sticking an orange stick in one of the corners.
Ended up with this. From left to right starting at top row: MAC Tete-a-Tint (disc), MUG Cocoa Bear, Milani Java Bean (disc), MAC Expensive Pink, MUG Frappe, MAC Satin Taupe, MAC All That Glitters, MAC Texture, MAC Scene, MAC Vex, MAC Soft Brown, MAC Quarry, MAC Ricepaper, MAC Woodwinked, MAC Humid. Shadows on the left are random discontinued Revlon shadows.
Can you tell I didn't like the shadows nor the primer? Lol. To be honest, I wanted to get this for the cute packaging.

~$8 and exclusive to Walmart
~9 shadows (11.1 g)- 4 matte & 5 shimmers
~Comes with a primer, a pretty nice double-ended sponge-tip applicator that isn't cheap foam and a black wooden pencil eyeliner (smudge city)
~Includes a look card that I didn't take a picture of (sorry)
~Easy to open metal tin with magnetized closure. You won't lose your fingernails by prying it open.
~Decent-sized mirror

The primer dries to a very powdery feel that I didn't care for.  Those with dry eyelids might not enjoy that.  I have super oily lids and it surprisingly kept my oiliness away and the shadows didn't crease.

Tease, Toying, Minx, Bashful, Girlie, Philander, Chatty, Coy, Frisky (with flash)

Tease, Toying, Minx, Bashful, Girlie, Philander, Chatty, Coy, Frisky (no flash)

 Top row Day:
1. Tease- matte cream, chalky as heck!
2. Toying- matte mid-tone cool brown, pigmented but powdery and also chalky
3. Minx- matte dark cool brown, pigmented but also chalk city

Middle row Drama:
4. Bashful- shimmery pale pinkish champagne; really disappointing color; pigmentation is poor and the finish is a low shine; thought it would be a nice lid color but wasn't
5. Girlie- mid-toned champagne; this was the only shadow I liked out of the bunch; texture was the smoothest and pigmentation was nice, although a little powdery
6. Philander- dark cool-toned brown with gold glitter; doesn't go on smoothly; must be built up and fallout galore

Bottom row Evening:
7. Chatty- matte light cool-toned brown; the transition color in the palette and nice blender color but also chalky as heck like the other mattes; it kind of reminds me of Naked in the first Urban Decay Naked palette but lighter
8. Coy- shimmery copper bronze; really disappointing color; texture is gritty and color doesn't go on smoothly; has to be built up and is fallout prone
9. Frisky- shimmery darker warm brown with gold glitter; gritty and also fallout prone; color must be built on

Chalk city after dipping into Tease
The aftermath. See how chalky and powdery the palette is? So much residue. It required too much work even after tapping off the excess on my brush.  Not worth the effort for me.

Even though I didn't love the Wet n Wild Fergie palette in Milano Collections, I would recommend that palette over this one because the textures are better.  The middle shadow, Girlie, in the Hard Candy palette was my most liked but overall, I only like the tin packaging. Lol!  But $8 for a "Z Palette" isn't bad.

I had seen a couple good reviews about this palette before purchasing but I'm with Tati's opinions about this palette. You can watch her review here.

The last time I tried Hard Candy makeup I was also disappointed. I think I'll just be sticking to their nail polishes. Thanks for stopping by!

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SWATCHES: Wet n Wild Fergie Eyeshadow Palette in Milano Collections

Wet n Wild Fergie Milano Collections Ingredients

When I first picked up the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Studio Eyeshadow Palette in A226 Milano Collections, which is part of the Fergie Centerstage Collection, it didn't scream to me as an Urban Decay Naked (1) dupe. It only became apparent to me when I decided to do this swatch post, so look out for the comparison near the end!

I believe I picked this up last month at Walgreen's for $7.99 but it had a $1 off coupon attached to the front of the palette.

~10-shadow drugstore eyeshadow palette
~ Contains 0.28 oz / 8.1 g of product total so each shadow is 0.028 oz or 0.81 g each
 ~Comes with double-ended brush; one side is a long, skinny fluffy blending brush while the other is a thin flat brush that's better for concealer or cream products. It's not dense enough to pack on eyeshadow
~Cruelty-free, paraben-free, oil-free, made in China

All swatches over LORAC Behind the Scenes eye primer
Wet n Wild Fergie Milano Collections swatches
THE COLORS (description + mini review):
1. Satin/demi-matte ivory- not much pigmentation but good for a soft highlight
2. Pink champagne shimmer- this color along with the next two shimmers have to be built up to get a good even color
3. Yellow gold shimmer- needs to be built up to get a good even color
4. Copper bronze shimmer- this is the most disappointing color of the palette. I expected this to go on smoothly, pigmented and maybe have a foil finish.  It has so be built up many times to somewhat satisfy me.  Not smooth at all.
5. *Antique bronze shimmer (my fave of the bunch)- the smoothest shimmery shade in the whole palette and has a good pigmentation. I love this one the most and reminds me of Urban Decay's Smog.
6. Mid-tone cool matte brown - this is the transition shade in the palette and the only one.
7. Light taupe shimmer- has to be built up like #'s 2, 3 & 4.
8. Dark warm brown with sparse golden flecks- looks more matte on the eye especially after blending; really pigmented
9. Dark cool-toned brown- really pigmented as well
10. Matte black- swatches a little patchy but pigmented
Wet n Wild Fergie Milano Collections swatches

Wet n Wild Fergie Milano Collections with flash

Wet n Wild Fergie Milano Collections in natural light
Wet n Wild Fergie Milano Collections on top; Urban Decay Naked (1) palette on bottom

Top row is URBAN DECAY NAKED (1) palette with flash- Virgin, Sin, Half-Baked, Smog, Naked, Sidecar, Hustle, Creep. Bottom row is Wet n Wild Fergie Milano Collections. I know it doesn't match the picture of the palettes together.  I should have switched them around.
As shown in my swatches, there are 8 shades in the Wet n Wild Fergie palette that are similar to Urban Decay's Naked (1) palette. However, there are no similar shades to Urban Decay's Naked, Darkhorse, Toasted or Gunmetal in the Wet n Wild palette.

COMPARISON OF THE COLORS (top row Urban Decay Naked [1], bottom row Wet n Wild Fergie Milano Collectons):
~UD Virgin & WnW #1- Virgin is more pigmented and shimmery than #1. Not dupes
~UD Sin & WnW #2- very similar in color but UD is smoother and more pigmented
~UD Half-Baked & WnW #4- Half-Baked is more of a golden bronze, is smoother and doesn't have to be built up like #4. Not dupes
~UD Smog & WnW #5- SPOT ON DUPES! Similar in texture and pigmentation.
~UD Naked & WnW #6- Naked is a mid-tone neutral matte brown while WnW #6 is a mid-tone matte COOL brown. Not dupes.
~UD Sidecar & WnW #7- very similar in color but Sidecar has microglitter, which I can do without. WnW #7 isn't as smooth and pigmented as Sidecar, though.
~UD Hustle & WnW #8- Hustle is a dark brownish-burgundy shimmer but it swatches like a demi-matte dark brown so it ends up looking similar to WnW #8. Quite strange.
~UD Creep & WnW #10- Creep is a matte black with silver or multicolored flecks while the WnW #10 is just a matte black and not as smooth. Not dupes but black is black.
Top row: Urban Decay Naked (1)- Virgin, Sin, Half-Baked, Smog, Naked, Sidecar, Hustle & Creep.  Bottom row: Wet n Wild Fergie Milano Collections in natural light.
Overall, the Wet n Wild palette was "meh" for me.  The shimmers aren't up to par with the textures in the Comfort Zone palette or some of the trios. The mattes were pigmented but not the smoothest, either.  But if you don't have an Urban Decay Naked (1) palette, then you might consider getting this especially if you're on a budget.  Personally, I would splurge on the Urban Decay palette because the pigmentation and texture is much better, and you would be getting 4 additional colors.

Thanks for stopping by! =)

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