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I Love Target Shoes!

Just a quick post because I love these Mossimo Black Kat faux suede booties in grey that I purchased from Target.  I had to drive to 3 different stores just to find it in a size 8.  At the first two stores, a lady at each store were checking out the same shoes, and they probably had my size in their hands!  They zip up in the back, have a hidden platform and are pretty comfy, although they can get a little tight in the toe area.  Check out the link for more info if you're diggin' these cute booties.

My tights are from Forever 21 and I also LOVE them!  I don't know what the pattern is called, but  I need to go back to get another pair.

I also Twitpiced my recent Sephora haul so check it out.  Happy Monday! =)
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