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Quickie Swatch: NYX Pumpkin Pie & Summer Love

This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US, so why not bust out with some pumpkin pie? I actually had a slice earlier. =) This cooler weather is also making me miss warmer temperatures, so I thought I'd add a swatch of NYX's Summer Love round lipstick along with Pumpkin Pie. You can find both lipsticks here.

Both colors have very subtle shimmer but do not look frosty on the lips.

Pumpkin Pie lip swatch - a mid-tone peach.

Summer Love lip swatch - a grayish pink.

I haven't hauled NYX Round Lipsticks in a while so I don't know if they changed the formula. The texture of these two colors are different than my older lipsticks, like Rea, Circe and Thalia, which have more of a matte texture and sticks to the lips better - making them longer lasting. Pumpkin Pie and Summer Love have much more slip to them, and I find them less opaque than other NYX lipsticks I own. I had to swipe them on a few times to build up the opacity. With my older lipsticks, all I have to do is pat them on because they're so rich. Pumpkin Pie and Summer Love are creamy and moist, but don't last long on my lips.

You can find some of my other NYX lip product swatches here. My favorite NYX lip combo is Rea, a deathly mauvey beige-brown, with the Mega Shine Lipgloss in Natural, a nude, mauvey-pink creme.

So, have a Happy Upcoming Thanksgiving! Eat lots of turkey and stuffing slathered with gravy and cranberries! Safe travels, as well! =)
Lady Lostris Beauty | TNB