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NOTD: New Year's Nails

Happy New Year! Here's my current nail polish, a simple but blingy and sparkly design for the new year. I'm using Rimmel Underground Play Fast polish in Street Wear, which is sadly discontinued. If anyone knows a dupe for this absolutely lovely and unique color, please let me know. It's a grayed and muted mauve-lilac color that has a subtle rosy shimmer. I use this bottle sparingly because I don't ever want to run out of it. Over the Street Wear, I used a nail art polish with a skinny brush - So Easy Stripe Rite in Silver Glitter, which you can get at Sally Beauty Supply. I just made a simple lattice pattern at the tips of my nails and voila, instant bling. I would normally do a thinner stripe but I laid it on thicker for extra sparkle. Happy 2010!

Rimmel Underground Play Fast polish in "Street Wear" is discontinued. =(
Why, Rimmel?!

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5 comment(s):

sindylicious said...

your nails are so gorgeous!!!

Lady Lostris said...

@sindylicious, thanks so much! :)

charlene-ann said...

i miss your blogging!! nice nails btw <3

Lady Lostris said...

Charlene-Ann, I miss my blogging too! lol. I ordered some stuff recently, though, and I will make a post on it as soon as I can. I haven't even been reading other blogs lately and have been missing out. Sorry that I've been away!

tammy said...

The Nail Polish looks simple yet elegant because of the Silver Glitter you used. I find that color so easy to match with any dress I wear, though I mostly polish my nails with light colors to make it lively. -

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