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NYX 50% Off Sale....AT TWO WEBSITES (updated)

I had been anticipating the 10th Anniversary sale at but now Cherry Culture is also having the same sale on all NYX items (US residents only). NYX Cosmetics is also shipping items to US residents only.

So it's up to you to choose which website you want to shop from. Cherry Culture's site is not loading up very well for me, but they do have the Round Lipglosses that the NYX Cosmetics site does not offer.

I already placed my order at before I learned about the Cherry Culture special. You get free shipping for orders over $40 at Cherry Culture; I guess that still applies with the sale. Dayum, I could have saved a few dollars!

Happy Hauling! =)


The items on the NYX Cosmetics website that say "coming soon" have NOT SOLD OUT. They have been moved to the "Sale" section and are now 75% off. Why didn't they do that yesterday when I ordered stuff. Rip off!!

5 comment(s):

Kitty said...

I made two orders (one from each site!) I guess the CC site is being slow since everyone was trying to order stuff (me included!). But CC does have Round Lippies and Girl's Nail Polishes that NYX website didn't have. Can't wait til they come :)

foolishxlady said...

I ordered from the Cherry Culture. It was cheaper than ordering it from NYX. Plus almost everything was sold out at NYX anyway.

Lady Lostris said...

@Kitty, CC was so dang slow this morning I couldn't stand it. I placed my order right at 10 am at NYX...hehe I was prepared. The only thing is, I think they overcharged me on the sales tax. Boo!

@foolishxlady, this morning the NYX website had everything. I just looked at the website again this afternoon and whoa, a lot of things are sold out- mostly the single eyeshadows. People are hauling! =)

cruiseny said...

what a deal. thanks for the heads up.

Kitty said...

I had a list too.. but the more I looked at swatches on blogs the more I added to it haha :) but I think one order from each site is enough.. they should really stop the sale now before I start thinking..

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