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REVIEW: Strap Perfect - The Ultimate Bra Strap Solution

I know you've heard that statistic about how a large percentage of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Maybe that's why I always have problems with falling bra straps and I'm always fussing with them whenever I've been sitting down for a while, or when I'm driving. So, this post will be a review about the Strap Perfect concealer clips, which have been shown on infomercials.


  • WHO: For anyone who wears a bra with straps.
  • WHAT: Specially designed clips that are made from regular, hard plastic. A box comes with 6 clips: 2 black, 2 nude, and 2 clear.
  • WHERE: I got mine from Walgreen's for $9.99, but they are also available at many other stores and websites. (Forget shipping and try to find it in a store.)
  • WHEN: You can wear it everyday if you feel like it
  • WHY: For concealing bra straps when wearing a racerback or criss-cross top, or to stop bra straps from falling off your shoulder. It will also provide more lift for your "girls".
  • HOW: See picture below. You attach the clip to one strap first and then hook it on to the other.

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WHAT COMES IN THE BOX: Six Strap Perfect concealer clips with instructions. Also included in my box was a bonus pack of Invisible Style tape, which is basically like double-sided Scotch Tape. I give them a 0 out of 5 rating because they stick to your skin well but doesn't adhere to fabrics, especially when you're moving around.

Size Comparison

  • Prevents bra straps from slipping off your shoulder
  • Good when wearing racerback style tops and other styles because it conceals your straps
  • Gives instant cleavage, lift, and perkiness, especially when wearing something with a low neckline. I don't think it adds a full cup size, as the box claims, but it's about half a cup difference.
  • The clip doesn't jam into my back when lying down or sitting in a high-backed chair, since it's flat
  • Clip stayed in place for me all day
  • The clear clip is the best color because it's the least noticeable (I wish all of them were clear)

  • Difficult to apply/remove (it's a major pain!) and may be hard for those who are not so flexible or for those with arthritis. Option 1 (see instruction picture above) is where you attach the clip to one strap on the front side and slide it to the back. Then you try to insert the other strap into the clip, kind of like hooking up a necklace. This way seems to work better for me, even though it's still kind of hard to attach the other strap into the clip. I tried Option 2, thinking it would be easier, but I could not put my arms into the straps after that!
  • You may need someone to help you put the clip on
  • If you don't adjust your straps properly before and after applying the clip, your bra straps may dig into the top of your shoulders and feel very uncomfortable. BUT, even if you do adjust them, it still may feel a little tight and uncomfortable.
  • Clip sits high on the back and doesn't slide down easily, especially if the "adjustable sliders" on your bra straps are in the way. If you're wearing a top with a low back, the clip and your straps will definitely show, defeating the entire purpose of the product.


Although the Strap Perfect concealer clips do the job of hiding your bra straps, preventing slippage off your shoulders, and adding lift and cleavage to your "girls", it may be difficult to apply and remove, and it may make your bra straps dig into the top of your shoulders.

Even still, I'm not sorry I purchased this product.

I'll give it a 4 out of 5 rating.



Look what I found in today's Sunday paper ads - a $1 off coupon. It says this product is also available at CVS, Rite Aid, Sally Beauty Supply, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Dollar General. For real, Dollar General?! So it's only a dollar there while everyone else gets ripped off? I don't think we have those stores in killa Cali though. =/

10 comment(s):

vesperbeauty said...

Interesting review - I'm glad someone guinea-pigged it for me. Thanks!!

Many women do wear the wrong bra size, and it's not because we're morons. It's the narrow-minded, profit-conscious manufacturers. Think about how many band sizes are regularly offered: 32, 34, 36 and *sometimes* 30 or 38. Of course not all women fit into a S-M-L scheme. Even clothing manufacturers typically offer at least six sizes: 2 to 12. (I haven't included cup sizes because it is a different statistic.)

Anyway ... I love anything that keeps my straps from falling down! The only permanent solution I've ever found was to buy convertible bras with multiple hooks in the back, and set the strap on the hooks closer to the spine. Unfortunately, there aren't many bras like this!

Lady Lostris said...

vesperbeauty, convertible bras are great but some are expensive. I think these clips are a great alternative because you can use them with your existing bras.

I've watched a few shows where they have refitted women, and it seems like many of them had to go up a cup size and down a band size. Maybe I should try that...

But thanks for your insight! =)

Acrix said...

I recently bought a few summer tops with ...back cleavage (oh... i don't know how it's called,but it's the one from this product's packing) and what i did was to cut the straps, cross them and sew them back on. I was surprised to see that it provides better support,although it does cut a little in my back. And now i use this cross bra even for tops that don't need straps hiding.
I like like your review, beeing so detailed and well structured. If i ever come across this product, i will probably buy it. :)

Lady Lostris said...

@Acrix, thank you!
That's a good idea cutting the straps and sewing them back on. I'll probably use these clips even when I'm wearing a t-shirt because it makes everything fit so well. =)

vesperbeauty said...

I got my convertible bras at Target - $12.99 apiece. :)

Definitely try changing up your band/cup size. Sizing unfortunately is not standardized and can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Lady Lostris said...

@KARMINA, thank you Susan! That's very sweet. Don't be shy to comment again because I love hearing from all of you. =)

Anonymous said...

These a bra clip are super cool. I would definitely recommend them for the whole falling straps

Stephanie said...

Dollar General isn't a true dollar store. They just have even prices, like $1, $2, $10, etc. Dollar Tree is a true dollar store and so fun to look around! Everything is a dollar!!

Lady Lostris said...

@Stephanie, I thought Dollar General was like the Dollar Tree but now I know. Thanks! But I love the Dollar Tree! My mom could spend at least two hours roaming around there. Haha

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