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NOTD: Leopard...Rarr!

Here's a very fun leopard look. I was in line at the bank yesterday and I overheard a little girl tell her Mom, "I like her nails." I pretended I didn't hear her. =)

My left hand - the above picture - has a touch of silver glitter, while my other hand doesn't. I think gold glitter would have better matched the color scheme, but I don't have any.


~Milani Golden Goddess: base color
~Rimmel Underground Play Fast in Don't Touch (discontinued): spots/blotches
~SoEasy Stripe Rite in Black: to draw shaky parentheses, "c" marks, and "v" marks
~SoEasy Stripe Rite in Silver Glitter: accent

~I'm also trying out Seche Vite top coat for the first time and I've stayed away from it for so long because I was afraid of disappointment. After two days, I have two big chips on my leopard nails. =(

Leopard Spots Tip: If you don't have a nail art polish in black, nor a nail art brush to draw the lines, you can first make black splotches on top of your yellow/gold base color and then make brown splotches on top of the black, allowing some of the black edges to show.

8 comment(s):

Jasmin said...

love the nails!!! i need to try this. thanks, for sharing & the tip.

Sofee said...

awesome...u have lots of patience :D

Jennnyy. said...

that is INCREDIBLY cuteeee =)

Lady Lostris said...

Jasmin, thank you sweetie!

Sofee, haha... It does take a little time to do but it was kind of fun actually! =)

Jennnyy, thanks!! I think they're cute too =D

K said...

Wow, SUPER beautiful! I don't have the skills to do that!!!

charlene-ann said...

hey the nails...they are beautiful =D

Vanessa M. said...

wow! kick ass!!

Lady Lostris said...

@ K, charlene-ann, and Vanessa, thanks girls! Sorry for the uber late response. =)

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