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NOTW (Nails of the Week): Half 'N Half

The inspiration for this nail design came from watching one of mayparis' videos entitled "Day to Night Nails." I loved it so much because the design looks like you may have put some time into it, but it's actually really quick and easy to do. For me, though - since I'm so sloppy - I can't help to get polish all over my skin, but a Q-tip with a little bit of nail polish remover fixes that! I tried to avoid the cuticle area to get that nice edge but it's impossible for me. LoL! Mayparis' nails came out way better.

  • Two opaque nail polishes (make sure they're not sheer) - one dark color and one light color (this makes for a nice contrast)
  • A toothpick, needle, pushpin or any sharp object to do the slash marks (I like using a needle)
  • And, of course, a base coat, top coat, and cotton swabs and nail polish remover to clean up the edges
  1. Paint one side of your nail with one color. Make sure you apply it thickly or else the colors will not swirl together easily, and you may scrape down to your nail leaving a bare spot. (It took me four hands to finally get it down right. Don't sweat the'll get it.)
  2. Paint the other half of your nail with the other color (Don't worry, you won't contaminate your polish bottle with the other color you used.)
  3. Then quickly, before it dries, use the needle or toothpick to make horizontal slash marks back and forth where the two colors meet.
  4. Voila! Let dry and apply your top coat.

My right hand was an epic failure and that's why I didn't include a picture of it. But my thumbnail came out awesome! It's the first photo. I used Hard Candy Envy - a dark, shimmery, blackened emerald green - and Carolyn New York Hangin' on the Stoop - a medium gray creme.

I used Pure Ice Taupe Drawer (#966) and Sally Hansen White On for these nails.


I was playing around with my nail art polishes but I completely forgot to paint the tip white or gray before laying down the purple. Aghh! I went back in with the copper color on the thumbnail but decided I didn't like it. Then I was going to paint the bare tip white but decided not to mess it up even further. Oh, well...

Sketch effect is cool

I'm going to try a deep navy and peach, or orange, the next time I do the half 'n half nail design.

Copyright © 2009, Lady Lostris

6 comment(s):

charlene-ann said...

nice nails girls :)...i have a half and half design as well...mmm maybe i should post it too? if i can find it on my camera...but yours turned out you got them done at the salon..:D & loving the second nail design too :)

~Lisa said...

They look great! When I saw the first picture, I thought your nails looked like jello! Little did I know that was another colour!! I love the last nail design and the colours of the middle one!! *sigh* But I'm such a failure with my nails!! I NEED to get those nail art polishes!! >.<

Lady Lostris said...

charlene-ann, lol, you're too kind saying that they look like I got them done at the salon. The edges are so messy =D

Lisa, like Thank you! I'm not that good with nail art but it just takes a lot of practice :)

Princesa Livia said...

Awesome.. I gotta try this!! Thank you for this post!! xx Livia

Anonymous said...

cant wait for the next post!!!!!!

NeutraKris said...

Those half and half nails are amazing!

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