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Give Me Some Lip: Revlon Soft Nude & Maybelline Warm Me Up

Do I really need some more lipsticks when I already have tons?  No.  Do I need to try them just because? Yes!  The following will be a review of a Revlon ColorBurst lipstick and a Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick.
 Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Soft Nude


PRICE: ~$6.50+ (I bought it at Target)
AMOUNT: 0.13 oz or 3.7 g
PRODUCT COLOR: Soft Nude #070 - a creme, peachy nude with no shimmer
TEXTURE: Creamy and moist, but still requires gloss over it
PIGMENTATION: Good, but with this color, I find I need to rub in on several times until I get my desired look since my lips are so pigmented.  But it's still nicely pigmented.
SCENT: I really can't detect any scent whatsoever
PACKAGING: Square, matte black tube with a quilted or fishnet etched pattern on two sides of the tube.  It has a round edge at the tip instead of the usual point, and the Revlon name is etched into the lipstick itself - very nice!  The colored swatch at the top of the cap seems to be very accurate to the actual product.  The sticker seals the tube so people can't test them in the stores, ensuring you get a clean product.
INGREDIENTS: Check them out at (They also have very nice product photos of the other colors)

PROS: I find everything about this color and product is totally awesome! =)
CONS: I really can't find anything I don't like about it.

Top: True colors with flash; Bottom: Natural light

FINAL WORDSA perfect creamy and moist peachy-nude color with good pigmentation and lovely packaging.  It's now one of my favorites!

Love! <3
This is my FAVORITE lipliner: Flesh by Ulta. I used it with Revlon's Soft Nude and it works perfectly, but I also use this with my nude pinks. It's a matte, peach-toffee sort of color.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Warm Me Up


PRICE: ~$5.50+ (I bought it at Target)
AMOUNT:  0.15 oz or 4.2 g
PRODUCT COLOR: Warm Me Up #235 (in the Naturals family) - a berry pink with a very subtle golden shimmer, which I didn't notice until I took macro photos.  I don't notice any shimmer when applied on the lips.  I don't understand why this is in the Naturals category, when it clearly is a berry pink color!  There's no brown in it whatsoever. A lot of pinks turn sort of purple-pink on me, and this one does that.  I don't know why; it could be my natural lip color or the lipstick just oxidizing?
TEXTURE: Creamy and moist. A hint more moist than the Revlon ColorBurst.
PIGMENTATION: Well-pigmented
SCENT: I can't place the scent but it's like a light candy scent which I actually love.  Those sensitive to scents may be turned off by it, though.
PACKAGING: Square transparent tube with a color-coded cap that corresponds to each lipstick, either belonging to the Pink, Plum, Red or Natural family.  It has a shiny silver base and the lipstick has a pointed tip.  Since the cap is almost the length of the whole lipstick, it can be a little hard to grasp onto the small base while opening the lipstick.  This is the only thing I don't like about it.

PROS: Great pigmentation, creamy, moist and inexpensive. Comes in 48 colors, not including the new Pearl colors.
CONS: Scented. May be a little hard to open since the base is so small and hard to grasp.  It's not sealed so the lipsticks in stores may have been tested on, so you might have to sanitize it when you get home, which is what I did just to be safe.

Lips are little crusty I just got done eating so I'm sorry for that. Also, this was before I decided to swatch Soft Nude by itself, hence, the half-lip swatches.

FINAL WORDS: I love the pigmentation and texture of Warm Me Up, but it wasn't really the kind of pink I was looking for. (I really want to try Pink Please or Totally Toffee.)  Other than that, it's a great, inexpensive lipstick with nifty color-coded caps.

Have a great day everyone! =)

4 comment(s):

Tanveer Parmar said...

Liking Warm me Up :)

Jasmin said...

Love these colors! Great post and swatches. I want them now! haha.

cjx3pooh said...

I've been hearing about Maybelline's Warm Me Up, it looks like a nice MLBB color :)
I bought Revlon ColorBurst Soft Nude but haven't used it yet, can't wait to try it ^^

CinkiLady said...

Wow I loved the colors of those lips. Looks so natural and so fresh. Yammy.
I must have this lip gloss for sure.

Thanks for great posting we need more like this to know where to go get great stuff.

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