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My First OPI: Coney Island Cotton Candy

Hey lovelies! Can you believe I barely got my first OPI nail polish?  I was hoping my Ulta had Over the Taupe, but to my dismay they didn't, so I decided to go with a sheer pink called Coney Island Cotton Candy.  It's a peachy-pink that's not very exciting but office-friendly.  The swatches below are with three coats of polish since two coats were still too sheer for me.  I'm happy to say that this lasted for one whole week on my nails with Seche Vite top coat, with very minimal chipping. 

Hmm, what will be my next OPI shade?...

Outdoor in the shade, three coats
Outdoor in the sun, three coats
Sheer peachy-pink, no shimmer

What's your favorite OPI shade?

3 comment(s):

Jasmin said...

Love the color and your nails!

Lady Lostris said...

Thank you, Jasmin! =>

FaShIoN BuDdIeS said...

The nail color is very beautiful, are those your real nails? If they are how did you get them so gorgeously long? Thanks!

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