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Review: Summer Soles - No More Slippery Feet

Happy Labor Day! It's supposedly the "official" end of Summer, but I say not!  Summer isn't over until the weather gets cooler, which is usually around Halloween in my part of the country. So while the warm days still continue, I will still be needing my Summer Soles

First of all, I have plantar and palmar hyperhydrosis, which is excessive sweating in the feet and hands. This only occurs when the weather is hot or if I'm anywhere that is uncomfortably warm.  In the wintertime, I'm usually fine. It's quite an embarrasing condition, especially if I have to shake hands with someone.  But the biggest problem I have with it is my shoe selection during the summertime.  Sweaty feet equals slippery feet in my heels, especially when wearing shoes with a non-moleskin foot bed.  So my shoe choices are limited, until now! =D

There are treatments for hyperhydrosis, but I am definitely NOT getting Botox injections in my hands and feet anytime soon.  Me no likey needles. =P So if some of you suffer from this, or don't have hyperdydrosis and still get sweaty feet during hot weather, then Summer Soles might be your savior.

For this review, I am using the Ultra Absorbent Summer Soles, but they also come in Softness of Suede (which offer patterns like zebra and florals) and Fragrant Footings.

~WHO: For anyone who has sweaty feet and wants to prevent foot slippage in their shoes.
~WHAT: A 70% wool, 30% rayon absorbent liner for your shoes. Comes in 3 different types and many different shades. Comes in one size of 5-11, allowing you to trim them to your needs. Also comes in Wide.
~WHERE: Summer Soles or Amazon (where I purchased them)
~WHEN: You can use them in the summer or anytime of the year when you feel you need them.
~WHY: Because they're awesome and Lady Lostris approves =)
~HOW: Just a simple peel and stick application, though I did ask someone to help me because I wanted to get them on straight and perfect.
 ~PRICE: About $8 for one pair but they also come in sets, i.e. 3 pairs for $21 or $15, depending on where you buy them.
~COLORS: The Ultra Absorbents come in black, chocolate, camel (shown below), beige, white, red and light gray. (The Softness of Suedes come in the same colors, including zebra, leopard and five other patterns, though I don't know if these are meant to be absorbent or just cushiony.)
The package comes with templates that you can cut out to help you with different shapes of shoes.

The guinea pig for this review: Fioni Looker sandals from Payless that I got in August, but they are no longer on their website. Sold out! Notice the shiny, gold soles in this? They are not sweaty-feet friendly. =/ Let's fix them!
Fit a sole into your shoe with the backing still in place. Trim off the back of the heel to the length of your shoe.
No more overhang.
Now that you have cut one to fit, use it as a template for your other sole. Try to round off any sharp corners but it doesn't have to be perfect. No one is going to notice unless they are staring at your shoes, lol.
Woo! All done. I like to stick in the front part of the foot first, peel the backing away while pressing down and work my way to the heel.

~They really do absorb the excess moisture from my feet. No more slippage!
~The pads do not stay wet and actually help to wick away the moisture. Also, if you've ever had sweaty feet and wore a shoe that has a moleskin or suede-like foot bed, the material will darken and stay that way, leaving an outline of your toes and feet. I hate that. This does not happen with Summer Soles Ultra Absorbent liners. =D
~Stays in place. I have had no problems with them moving around. Also, it doesn't leave any residue if you decide to take these off your shoe. If you make a mistake applying them, you can easily peel it off and fix your mistake.
~Comes in a variety of colors. I mostly use black and camel.
~Soft and comfortable material. I thought the wool was going to feel like a scratchy peacoat, but it didn't.

~I haven't seen these in stores so you most likely will have to order them online and pay for shipping.
~Can get a little pricey if you're buying these for a large shoe collection.


I love them! Thanks to Summer Soles Ultra Absorbent liners, I can wear any shoe during the summertime, and I'm not constricted to wearing sandals that have a moleskin or suede-like footbed anymore. No more smack. No more squish. No more slippage. Just cute feet.

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4 comment(s):

charlene-ann said...

ohmygosh!! so great to see a post from you! it has definitely been a long have you been? I hope you've been doing great!!

btw: you always have the best reviews! I should definitely grab myself one of these. Love the shoes too :)


Krista said...

For closed toed shoes, you can also use those foam shelf liners (the ones with the square holes in them). I stuck a piece in the toe of my shoe and it didn't move an inch, and I didn't even have to glue it down.

Lady Lostris said...

@charlene-ann, Thank you! I've been great. I know, it has been a looong time, lol. =D

@Krista, I know what you're talking about.=) I use those to line my makeup drawers. I forgot to mention in the review that the sticky backing doesn't adhere well to shoes with fabric foot beds so your trick sounds useful.

Mary said...

"Hey thank you. Good article! Summer Soles are new to me. Maybe I give them a try.

I just know Zederna Cedarsoles made from antibacterial cedarwood as a remedy for sweaty/stinky feet."

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