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Zoya "Three Free" Swatches

A short and sweet post.  Remember when Zoya was giving away three free nail polishes last month?  Well, here are the swatches!  My favorite is Heather; I can't stop staring at it when I have it on.

Natural light
Natural light. All other pics with flash represent the truer colors.
My fave of the bunch, even though I also love the others.  Heather reminds me of Easter and looks great if you're wearing dark brown, any shade of gray, or apple green.
Zoya's Intimate 2011 Spring Collection.  The spoons came free with my order.
It's actual nail polish painted in these spoons so you get the accurate color.

I also received a booklet of all their colors.  I'm eyeing Jo, Brizia, Happi and Edyta.
I posted 3 other nail polishes on my Twitter, so follow me if you can because I'll post stuff on there that's sometimes not on my blog.  This is China Glaze White Cap over Heather. What do you think?
So that was the eye candy of the day.  Have a great one, lovelies! =)

2 comment(s):

Shelley said...

Ciao Bella,

I love all the nail poilishes that you have here... they are all so so so pretty, it would be hard to just pick one or two of them, I would be greedy and want them all.. ha ha.

Your nails are so beautiful and long.. so pretty.

If you would be so kind and check out my new Beauty blog and follow if you like it, I would love it from you. Thank you so much love.

Wishing you a really great day.

Hugs & Kisses

Sharon said...

Gorgeous polishes... i particularly love Adina... what a funky duotone :D

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