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Revamped MAC Website

Did you guys notice the new MAC website? I'm not sure I like it because it takes longer to browse through everything. But there's a new section called Colour Play where there's a spectrum that you can scroll through and it will bring up all products in that color range. You can also filter the results to only eye products or lip products, etc. Pretty cool. There's also an Artistry in Action section where there are tutorial videos and specific products that are used in the video will periodically pop up so if you like the look you can add the items to your cart easily. Now I really like that section! Go check it out... =)

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.cupcake love. said...

I noticed that yesterday ! I thought it was just me because I downloaded flash on my laptop. I thought it was weird to use and it does take longer than normal to look through the site. I like the Color Spectrum section, but it just needs some getting use to :) I'm going to play more on the website.. I like it so far, it looks very professional

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