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Hello, thank you for visiting my blog. Click on any picture to enlarge and view the Disclaimer at the very bottom.

Swatches: MAC, Clinique, Rimmel & NYC Lippies

More lippie swatches for you! All these lipsticks combined with my previous post is my entire lipstick collection, except for 4 Ulta lipsticks that came with the 65-piece Blockbuster set in another post. What about all my lip glosses? Shoot, that's a whole other story!! LoL

You can see that I mostly like nudes and pinks. I hope this helps again and thank you to those who visit my blog. <3

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I added a swatch of NYX's Thalia at the end to compare with Rimmel's Airy Fairy, which are said to be dupes but I disagree. Thalia is darker than Airy Fairy, more pigmented (you only need one swipe), creamier and it's a matte/creme color. Airy Fairy is more sheer with subtle gold shimmer, lighter in pink and smells like pink blow-up bubble gum, which I don't really like. So to me, they are not dupes.

NYC Lipsticks: Square caps- Ultra Last LipWear, Round cap- Ultra Moist LipWear ($1.99)

Mousse is a creme color while the others are shimmers. Red Flame comes out magenta on my lips and I can't get it to look like the swatch. Maybe a red lip liner would help but I don't have one.

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I adore Sungold Pink; anything that's pink with a golden sheen I love. Now as for Iced Orchid, I hate purple lipstick or lipgloss but this doesn't go on so badly. It just gives your lips a lilac tinge and I like wearing this with purple shirts. Pearl Glow is an interesting sheer color with blue iridescence. It will make a warm-toned pink lipstick into a cool-toned one. ($1.99)

R.I.P. Petal. See, this is why I don't like the one's with the round caps but maybe I just got a bad one.

So altogether with my NYX lipsticks, 4 Ulta ones, and 2 Sally Hansen's, I count 51 lipsticks plus I have 6 extra backups of certain colors. Okay, I need to stop buying. LOL! Wait, I forgot about a couple Maybelline's I don't use and a Bourjois reject that was $14 but it burned my lips and wasn't even a plumping lipstick. That was a waste of money.

I don't even want to count all my lip glosses.

4 comment(s):

Farangis said...

And there I thought I went over board by buying 20 NYX lipsticks when they were on sale. ^^

Anonymous said...

for 42 lipsticks thats wayyyyy more than mine, love the colors! hmm maybe i should do swatches too, maybe...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love the colors of your lip glosses and lipsticks. Thank you so much for your nice blog very informative. My questions is, Where you could buy the NYC lip gloss and lipstick online?Do you know their website?Thanks a lot..

Aparna Girish said...

Thnaks a lot for your NYC lipstick swatches. I know so many people use them but I was not sure to buy a cheap product. But I finally did! There is no guarantee that expensive products are healthier to use. And I bought Caramel lipstick and a few nail colors. I think they work really well. And the the moement I have around 30 lipsticks and 25 nail polishes!

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