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The Bare Minimum

Hello ladies!! After almost 2 years of not getting sick, I finally caught the flu. =( That's why I've stayed off the computer the past few days. But by being sick, I don't really want to fuss with my makeup. Shoot, even my eyeballs hurt! LoL.... Then I ask myself, what is the bare minimum? What is the least amount of makeup I can wear out? So here's my list:

  • Concealer: for dark circles & blemishes
  • Foundation: to even out my skin tone
  • Blush: to have some kind of color on my face so I don't look too dead
  • Mascara: on curled lashes, it instantly opens up my eyes, brightens them & makes them bigger
  • Brow Filler: to frame my face
  • Nude Lipgloss: for shiny, luscious lips
As for eyeliner I can really do without it, but if my eyes didn't hurt, I would only tightline. So it's only 6 products that I need. Do I really need all this other makeup in my collection?..... Hmm......yes! =D Well, I'm going back to bed. Hope you guys don't get sick.

I got some Mochi to cheer me up! The different colors aren't supposed to taste different but the greens ones are a little funky. o_O

UPCOMING POST: I bought some e.l.f. Studio brushes and I was both surprised & disappointed....

5 comment(s):

charlene-ann said...

hi love, feel better ok, drink lots of liquids (water, orange juice, tea?) SOUP...awww get well

adriana said...

can't wait to see the elf brush review.Thanks for getting back to me with the names of those palettes =]]

Lady Lostris said...

@ charlene-ann, thank you hun! I have a bunch of those fluids at home right now. <3

@adriana, you're so welcome! Sorry I cluttered your chatbox up cuz I made so many mistakes. =P

....OK, I'm getting off this addicting machine now so I can rest. =)

nanie said...

Hey girl!!!
Hope you're feeling better!!!! yummy mochi!?! I've never tried this one before, but my bf always raves on how good it is hmmmm I'm used to the ice cream type of things lol!!!! take care get well soon!!!!!

Queencess said...

I hope you feel better!! Everyone's catching the flu. I just got over mine a week ago. I have never been so miserable in my life! Then again its been years since I caught the flu as well.

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