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NOTD: "Playful Preppy"

I've always loved pink and gray together; It's kind of "preppy" to me. I couldn't decide if I wanted pink with gray tips or gray with pink I did both! Definitely something playful for me. Though the pink tips needed another coat, you get the idea. I'm not great at free handing a smile line anyway. (Finger Paints can be found at Sally Beauty Supply and Carolyn New York is available online. Sadly, both are not formaldehyde-free.)

It's hard to find any true gray nail polishes in drugstores that aren't silver. You'll probably have to order something online. Carolyn New York's Hangin' on the Stoop and Handball Courts are lovely true grays. China Glaze Recycle is also another good one and then there's MAC Hello Kitty On The Prowl. Know any others?...


But today is St. Patty's Day and I don't own any green nail polishes. I've been looking for a mint colored one. Anyway, I snagged up this teal stunner at the drugstore today for $0.99. I can't wait to try it. =)


I love it! This Wet n Wild Wild Shine polish is a teal that is definitely more green than blue, however, the flash in the third picture below makes it look even more blue. But IRL, it still looks more green than in the pictures. It was hard to get the true color to show up on camera and I strongly feel they didn't do this color justice.

The formula is actually pretty good; it's not watery or sheer and all I needed was two coats. So far, it hasn't chipped either. *UPDATE* OK, I just came home today and my whole left hand is chipped while the other hand isn't. Don't ask me why! LoL.

7 comment(s):

charlene-ann said...

i promise to never fail to tell you time and time again how beautiful your nails are =)

Lady Lostris said...

charlene-ann...LOL hun!!! You're sweet =D...and thanks!

Vonnie said...

Yah...your nails are gorgeous!!!

adriana said...

ooh i love those wet n wild nail polishes,they are kinda think so you dont need to many coats.

Vanessa M. said...

such pretty colors :)

just Lisa said...

omg, i want your nails!!!

Huney said...

girl those are hot nail colors!!

xoxo Huney

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