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Skunkless Foptic Brush & EDM Haul

I got some goodies in the mail today and decided to post this up just for you Everyday Minerals fans. Their new skunkless Foptic brush ($10) came out last week, skunkless because it's a 100% vegan brush with no animal hair, and foptic because it's a play on words by combining fibre and optic. Basically, it's a STIPPLING brush. All their brushes are made with renewable bamboo handles and synthetic bristles and might I add they are UBER soft, plush & lush! If you hate their makeup, try out a 6-piece brush kit for $34. That would average out each brush to about $5.67.

Below are some size comparisons between the 2 other stippling brushes I have.
For further review of the MAC & Flirt! brushes, click here.

The EDM Foptic brush is about 6 3/4" long, while the bristles are about 2" long. I haven't used it yet but the bristles seem like they're too long. My only gripe is that I feel the ferrule is also too long while the bamboo handle isn't long enough. If you see in the first picture, it feels natural to grasp the brush right in the middle, which is where the end of the ferrule is. Oh well, but the brush has a good weight to it and of course, it's soft. Oh yeah, and it's really dense and wide so it's going to pick up more color than an average stippling brush. I can just slide the plastic sleeve that it came with down the bristles so that it's not too flared out. I'll try it out tomorrow and update this post on the bottom.

Did you notice the new square logo instead of that ugly target or CBS eye symbol that they used to have?

Next is the EDM pressed Spring Eye Palette ($8), which is in stock for a limited time only. I hate the cardboard packaging and this particular top is impossible to squeeze back on because it's so tight. Their plastic compacts are supposed to come out late March.
Butterfly Kisses is a strong orange-yellow with a pearl finish, Leaps & Bounds is a light sage green with a shimmer finish and Postacards is a matte, dark forest green that can be used as a liner.

On the left, the new palette is pressed with Jojoba Seed Oil while on the right, the old one is pressed with just Jojoba. I don't know if all future pressed powders are going to be pressed with the Jojoba oil but I would like to see their face products kept oil-free. I did notice that the new palette is still soft and powdery but not as much as the old one which is very loosely pressed and fragile.

This is what happened to my All Smiles when I dropped it 2 and a half feet above a carpeted floor. *groan* I love this color though! You can depot these, click here.

New logo and colors! I like this better than the old dark brown and purple lid with the ugly target symbol. If this was a blush, "base" would say "cheek" instead and the text color would be different. Also, their jars are made with recyclable plastic...a very green company, huh? =)

Beige Neutral Intensive (Buff category) is similar to Golden Medium Intensive (Olive category) except that this is more beige and less yellow than GMI. Currently, I'm mixing the two since GMI seems to be a tad too dark yellow for me right now. Hmm, 6 grams? Didn't it used to always be 8 grams? Maybe it's a label mistake.

Here's a closeup of their awesome closeable and adjustable sifters. I don't want to hear anymore complaining now! LoL There's a semi-circle shaped piece of plastic that can rotate 360 degrees, so that you can expose only a few holes or all of them. After you're done, just slide it over all the holes and no more mess.

I also picked up another sample kit, cuz it's free (not pictured), and here's my two free gifts that I've never tried before.
They came in puff jars. I've got so many free puff jars I don't know what to do with 'em. They're ok to use with finishing powders but it takes a little effort getting the product out. Sometimes, you have to pat it on your hand a few times before the powder dispenses. The puff part is removeable, like a shower cap, so you can wash it. I like the mirrors on top of them though.

So that was my EDM haul. Just thought I'd share what "March" looks like in the Hello Kitty calendar. I liked the colors and thought it was so girly and cute... all frilly and Marie Antoinette-esque. Doesn't it look like HK is giving us the birdie? LoL =P

EDM Foptic Brush Review

SHEDDING: While washing, 4 or 5 of the bristles shed, which was disappointing since EDM brushes don't shed.

BLEEDING: Sadly, the dye on the dark bristles bleed just a little bit on the paper towel I laid it on to dry.

USE: Since I mainly use stippling brushes for blush, I felt that it still did a good job, even though these bristles are more dense and the diameter is more wide than my others. I keep the plastic sleeves on my brushes to protect the bristles from my fingers since I have to reach down into my brush box to grasp my face brushes. (see pic below)...

If you find that the brush is not stiff enough because the bristles are too long, or that the brush head flares out too widely, just slide your plastic sleeve that came with your brush over the bristles about half way to adjust it. When you're done, slide the sleeve all the way up and it will help to keep the shape of your brush heads and protect the handles. If you threw them out, I'm pretty sure you can just make your own sleeves with paper and tape.

BRISTLES: Upon further inspection, it seems like there's not enough short dark-haired bristles while there's too many longer white-haired bristles. There's not much a definition between the two but it's still really soft.

FINAL THOUGHTS: After the long wait, the Foptic brush didn't really live up to my expectations. EDM needs to do some redesigning because it's not really a stippling brush. The bristles and ferrule are too long while the bamboo handle is too short.
Other than that, it's still useable, but it's a Foptic Flop.

EDIT: For a review on a better stippling brush,
click here for the Studio Tools Dual-Finish Brush review.

10 comment(s):

enoogen said...

thanks for the heads up about the new brush! i totally ordered it (along with my first super kit from emd..i'm trying to convert from BM..) when i saw an older post about it when i first started reading your blog. =)i'm kinda sad that the bristles are super long though! i really hope they keep up with my liquid foundation..but it looks alot more dense then the 187, which is awesome. could you tell me if you've gotten any shedding so far?

Lady Lostris said...

@enoogen, Hi there! I literally washed the brush half an hour ago and 4 of the dark-haired bristles shed, which is disappointing because EDM brushes don't shed unless it's a bad one. I bought 2 brushes but haven't washed the other one yet. I'm going to try it out tomorrow and later this week I'll put an update to this post. =)

Jane said...

what's on your nails??
they are pretty! (=

Lady Lostris said...

@Jane, Thanks hun! I'm wearing Rimmel Underground Play Fast in "Don't Touch" (discontinued =[ ) as a base and Fingerpaints "Blank Canvas" (Sally Beauty Supply) on the tips. I call it "Pink Chocolate"! =D

charlene-ann said...

hi m'love, aahhh i am definitely super excited for my finally turning 21 soo u kno gotta make the best of it...even if im not much of a more so wanting to go for the shows...thanks for the recommendations....west coast cali uh? u gotta tell me what places i need to hit up while im up there....=)

Shen said...

wow! you're making want to haul from EDM! :)

Jennifer said...

I'm curious what your thoughts are on the "new" EDM formulate that includes Lauroyl Lysine? Some reviews going around saying this is causing breakouts. I'm new to EDM, ordered the try me sizes in Olive but went ahead and ordered a couple of beige shades (I got trigger happy) and I did have some bumps one side of my jawline, thinking it was this new ingredient but now looking at the website, this ingredient isn't listed on ALL the bases! I emailed CS, asking if the ingredients are up to date, which is interesting since there's so much buzz about it. Thanks!

Lady Lostris said...

Jennifer, I haven't bought any new foundations from EDM lately because I still have tons! But I didn't know about the new added ingredient. I just checked my shade, Golden Medium, and I don't see that new ingredient. Do you know which shades contain that ingredient or is it just for a different formulation, like Original-Glo or Matte, etc.?
EDM sometimes has a problem of changing things that don't need to be changed.

I also like Meow Cosmetics Flawless Feline foundation. The Boron Nitride in it doesn't bother my skin.

Jennifer said...

This was their response:

"Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for contacting us. All of our products will eventually have Lauroyl Lysine. We do have an Ingredients tab on every product page so you can check the ingredients of any product. The accurate Ingredients will be listed on the website and on our products. So if a product has Lauroyl Lysine, the ingredient's list will have it listed. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you.

Everyday Minerals"

I've also noticed this ingredient in some of the shades: Chromium Oxide Greens. I'm not sure if either of these ingredients irritate my skin personally, but I've been reading some reviews on multiple websites and they are irritating some people skin. I did like that EDM had a few ingredients (before this change) and of course their price, which was why I went with them. I did find this website She reviews a TON of MMU and there are a few with great prices and seem to be for those with sensitive skin!

Lady Lostris said...

Jennifer, thanks for the info. I have no idea why they would add this new ingredient when their foundations have been working well for so many people, and I hardly see Lauroyl Lysine in the foundations of other MMU companies. EDM has changed many things since I first started using their makeup, like their customizable sample kit, and they even got rid of their helpful forum. That's why I strayed away and sampled stuff from other companies, such as EG Minerals and Buff'd, but they didn't work so well for my skin type and I didn't find a color where I didn't have to mix. Like I said before, check out Meow Cosmetics because that's my other HG foundation.

I'm familiar with The Shades of U and I love her site!

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