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Boot Crazy!: AMI Clubwear, Target & Ross

Let me take a break from makeup and spend some money on boots! I went boot crazy and I still want some more. LoL =) Enjoy all the eye candy.
I first heard of AmiClubwear (A-M-I) from reading Pursebuzz's blog, and if you haven't been on YouTube lately, everyone is raving about their shoes. I've been eyeing their boots for a while and decided to order shoes online for the first time, but I was wary because I didn't know how they'd fit. Well, if you want a straight up answer to: Do their shoes fit true to size? The answer is: YES (but read my Gray Boots review). I'm 5' 4" and I wear a size 8. All the shoes I bought were also size 8.

At the end of this section, I'll also list a price breakdown of my AmiClubwear order and the code I used to get 30% off. Yay!

Also, if you were wondering, they ship from the City of Industry (Los Angeles) and I received my package in two days. Be sure to click the green links for more info.

(as described on their website)

  • PRICE: $12.99
  • BRAND: AMI Clubwear
  • MATERIAL: Smooth micro suede (as described on their website); I'd describe it as faux suede. The inside material is a soft foam and the bottom sole is a textured somewhat rubbery material. The outside is very soft.
  • TOE SHAPE: Very blunt, round toe and not like a typical round toe (like the other two boots)
  • HEEL: Flat
  • TYPE: Pull-on; there's no zipper so it's hard to adjust your skinny jeans inside them. (Folding up the bottom of my jeans before putting on boots helps a bit.)
  • COLORS: Also available in camel, black, brown and fuchsia
  • FIT: Like most people's feet, one foot is slightly bigger than the other so I fit all my shoes to my right foot, since it's a tad bigger. I noticed my left foot fits perfectly but my right big toe hurts just a little because it fits very snugly. I tried it with socks and my left foot still fits perfectly but my right big toe hurts a bit. I'm thinking if I break these in they'll be ok, but I don't know if a half-size bigger would be too big. I can still wear them, though. You may want to consider going a half size up if you order these particular boots. I blame the very blunt, round toe shape for this problem because the other two boots fit absolutely perfect.
  • QUALITY: These feel the cheapest of the three. The hard part that hugs the back of your heel feels like cardboard and the shaft is just the foam and faux suede sewn together, but it's very "cushiony." If I try to pull these on too roughly, it feels like something might rip. BUT, for the price, I still like them. Don't expect these to be the best quality - their quite "cheapy." But they're still cute.

  • PRICE: $16.99
  • MATERIAL: Faux leather but the really squeaky kind. They're a little noisy when walking and if you rub them together, they sound like sneakers on a gym court. It has the same type of soft foam lining as the gray boots but not as cushioned. There's also a cute satin ribbon detail on the top of the shafts that run through four eyelets. It would be great to wear in wet weather.
  • TOE SHAPE: Round toe
  • HEEL: Flat; rubber non-slip sole
  • TYPE: Pull-on; there's no zipper so it's a little hard to adjust your skinny jeans in them.
  • COLORS: Also available in dark brown and black
  • FIT: Fits comfortably, even with socks. The pointier toe - although still round - doesn't hurt my right toe like the gray boots. True to size.
  • QUALITY: Better quality than the gray boots but if you hate squeaky faux leather, then you may want to pass on these. But I like them. EDIT: Actually, I really love them now. =)
(as described on their website)

  • PRICE: $25.99
  • BRAND: Breckelle's
  • MATERIAL: Microfiber upper; I guess it's faux suede but it's not described as such in the description. It has a cushioned, soft, fabric lining.
  • TOE SHAPE: Round toe
  • HEEL: About a 3 1/4" stacked heel; slants toward the front of the foot so it may feel a little different from other boots with heels towards the back of the heel.
  • TYPE: Has a side zipper that zips all the way to the top - easier to put on.
  • COLORS: Note- This pair is dark chocolate brown, not black or light brown so don't let the flash pics fool you. Also available in gray (I want those!), tan, black, taupe, purple and light brown
  • FIT: Fits perfectly, even with socks. True to size
  • QUALITY: Good quality and the best quality of the three I bought. I'd recommend these and I like the split collar cuff on the outer side of the boot. What I don't like is the bottom sole because it's a little slippery on linoleum, tile and marble. Go outside and scuff the soles up when you first use them. Final words: Love 'em!

I'm HAPPY! I got three pairs of boots for a total of $42.80, which averages out to $14.27 for each pair. Good deal, right?

If you spend $50 or more you get free shipping and I suggest you spend at least $50 because shipping was around $15 before I used the code: AMISHIPPED. Then I used a 30% off code: AMIUSWEEKLY30 (check for extra savings.

I would definitely order from them again, plus, they have NYX makeup so you can add that to your cart if you need a few dollars more to get free shipping.
I was searching around two weekends ago for these exact style boots - scrunchy, split collar cuff, round toe, high heels, black, faux leather and under $25. I found these Nicole boots at Ross for $22.99. Yay for Ross! I freaking love these and they're my favorite of the bunch. The pleather material isn't squeaky like the tan boots, but I still love those, too.
These Mossimo Kaylen gray peep toe booties are from Target and are really comfortable. It has a 4" heel (wrongly described on the website), a side knot, a side zipper and it's made from faux suede. It's a little pricey for Target shoes at $29.99 but they're really cute and the sole is so flexible.

Target also has these sexy Velicka peep toe pumps (pictured below in the Wishlist) that I want to get, also. Ah, so many shoes!
Skinny jeans are not Badonkadonk-friendly but you gotta rock 'em with boots!
I went to Burlington Coat Factory - which is just like TJ Maxx, Ross or Marshall's, but bigger and often better - and I got this tunic length plaid top with a belt.

At Kohl's, I got a pair of skinny jeans at the lowest price of the season - only $13.99. I always passed up Kohl's So brand when it came to jeans, but they're actually pretty good; they're not thin at all.


I can't find this bracelet on the website but they have a lot of other items. Oh, and this is the same bracelet but different sides. It has turquoise, red, orange, green, brown and white in it.

Shimmer Flower Ring
The green one is pretty, too, but I wish it was silver-toned rather than gold.

EDIT: I forgot about my really cheap leaf necklace. I think it was only $2.80.


Make sure you protect your new shoes with a fabric protecting spray, especially for shoes with faux suede. I like to use Kiwi Nano Super Protector spray and it's about $6 at Walmart or Target. Test a small area first to make sure that it doesn't change the color of the material, but I've never had a problem with it. I even use it on all my handbags.
Thanks for reading! =) I had to bust out in some Yoga poses, trying to not take these boot pictures through a mirror. LoL.

Copyright © 2009, Lady Lostris

9 comment(s):

charlene-ann said...

ok, so you know i gotta comment on this post! as much as i love makeup...clothes & shoes & accessories...girl you cant go wrong with those LOL...lovveee it all, the boots are def doin it for me <3

giselle said...

Great post! I'm so tempted to get some fierce boots but I'm on the fence. I noticed you said one of the boots has a slippery sole. I don't know why the heck they do that? Anyway you said to scuff 'em up on the ground..Do you know any other solutions for that? Because knowing me I'll end up scuffing up the tip of the shoes doing that.

Jasmin said...

Love the boots!! I love boots! hahha. Too cute!

Sofee said...

love the new boots..and ur accesories are so cute!!

Lady Lostris said...

@charlene-ann, lol! I'm like boot crazy right now and I want to get two more pairs but I need to keep the charge card in the wallet. LoL. =P Plus, I can't really wear them right now since it's so hot outside. ahahaha I want the cooler weather to come already.

@giselle, they're not too slippery but on wet smooth ground, especially coming in from the rain into a mall or something, might be too slippery. All I know is to scuff the bottom so that it has more texture. But I can definitely walk in them. Maybe they have some Dr. Scholl's thing that make your shoes more "grippy." IDK.

@Jasmin, thank you hun! =)

@Sofee, thanks girl! I love the ring :)

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

hey girl, these boots are super cute and you did an awesome review on each of them. Im a size 5 in shoes and its so diffcult for me to find really good boots and shoes. I wish i was a size 6 :(

Lady Lostris said...

@Becky, thanks mamaz! You must be really petite. :) I always thought size 6 was the smallest women's size.

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

hey, you do have a lot of mineral blushes lol. I just saw your youtube video on the organization tip for 10 bucks. I didnt know you have a yt account. Im gonna subscribe to you :)

Lady Lostris said...

@Becky, LoL! A lot of my blushes are being neglected. But yes, I have a YT but haven't done a video in a year o_O. I've been meaning to do one but it's been so long, it feels weird talking to my camera. Haha

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