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My New Handbag & Other Stuff

Here's my new baby: a Guess Lynx Satchel in Purple. I buy a new Guess handbag every year but I skipped last year, so it was time for a treat. I was looking for something smaller than my current black Osaka Guess purse - pictured in 3rd pic below - but I loved this design so much that I decided to snag it in purple, which is so unlike me because I don't really like purple. But, it's a very understated purple and when the light hits it, it will give you that flash of loveliness. Most of the time, it can look brown or even black at night. I figured I'd pass on the black and brown Lynx Satchels because the purple can go with black or brown shoes, right?

The Purple and Black Lynx has already sold out at, but it's also available in White; dang, they went fast. has 4 colors but it's not $10 off. Ooh, I like the Stone colored one, but cream purses get dirty! The Lynx Hobo is cute too, but I'm more of a satchel kind of girl.


I was eyeing the black one for a few days online but thought the dimensions were too big (15" x 6.33" x 9.33") so I wanted to go to Macy's and see it in person before I purchased it. Plus, it was on promotion online for only $82.50, down from $110, so I had to see what it really looked like. The next day I went to Macy's and saw the purple one and immediately wanted it despite it's large size. I rushed home to buy it online only to find out that the promotion price was gone - it had gone up to $99, but was still $10 off. Bummer! Plus, shipping was an extra $7 or $8 so I was pissed that I had missed the promo price. If I had bought this online yesterday at the newer sale price, it would have cost me $117 with shipping and tax. But, I was in for a better deal.....

Click to enlarge


Don't be afraid to point out flaws to the salesperson at any department store, low-end or high-end, because they will almost always give you a 10%-15% discount, which saves a good amount of money on higher priced items. This is coming from someone like me who is embarrassed to haggle for a lower price when i go to flea markets or swap meets. But it's not haggling or bargaining at department stores. It's simply pointing out scratches on the metal hardware on a purse, or something that isn't sewn correctly.

Do you see the bottom right corner in the picture below? There's a thread that isn't sewn properly and I pointed out to the salesperson that I was a little worried about that piece of thread, so she offered me a 10% discount, so I got $11 off from $110. The total with tax was $107.91: Score! That's cheaper than what I would have paid if I bought it on sale today online and I didn't have to wait for it to ship. So, I'm still happy. =) The only thing is that there isn't a pocket on the outside of the purse for my keys. =/

Click to enlarge
Top Left: Size Comparison
Lower Left: Looks brown in that lighting & one of my other Guess purses
Lower Right: Thread sticking out = 10% discount

On to the other stuff...Here's a couple tops I bought. I've been into ruffles lately.

I have too many posts to do... o _ O

I'm wearing the elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer and after a few hours, no creasing. Impressive!

While I'm at it, here's my other purse, a Coach Signature Tote circa 2005. It looks so tiny in the pic but it's about as big as my new Guess. I'll just rotate between these 3 purses: the purple Guess Lynx, the black Guess Osaka, and the Coach. I honestly hate changing purses because of all the stuff I have to remove. Don't you?

8 comment(s):

Jasmin said...

Cute bag & cosmetics!! Awesome haul!

charlene-ann said...

ohhhh im diggin the guess purse...its nice...& yes i get really annoyed with having to move items from one purse to the next BUT i always find myself switching purses LOL =\

Miss Neesh said...

That Guess bag is divine! I love Guess designs so much. I was looking at their new bag and wallet range last night and trying not to buy anything. I love the deep purple and the crocodile detail. The new G design on the front reminds me of D&G, it's very sexy :D

Good on you for getting a discount as well. I do that if I notice any flaws. I think it's fair enough, especially on display stock.

I'm hearing more and more things about the elf shadow primer.. I think I might have to check it out after I run out of my too faced shadow insurance. Please please please let us know how it goes after you've used it a few times - I love your reviews and swatches!


Miss Neesh

Lady Lostris said...

Why aren't my comments showing up in my email box? Sorry for the late responses, peeps.

@Jasmin, thanks hun! =)

@charlene-ann, sometimes I just don't bother switching purses because I always forget to put something in the new one. But we invest money into these purses so we gotta use them, right? lol =D

@Miss Neesh, thank you! I love Guess and Coach; that's what I usually buy.

Love getting discounts too and yes, it is fair because that stuff has been "tested" on.

I'm wearing the elf primer again and I'm pleased with it. The only thing is that it doesn't last on me for 10-12 hours, like TFSI, but it holds up very well for just $3 dollars. I'll be a little slow on the elf Studio post though, but so far I like Pebble e/s but not the Raspberry Truffle one because it turns muddy brown. =/

PincStuff said...

yay for new baby!! i love purses too~ something you carry around with you everywhere so... =) xx

Vanessa M. said...

omg i love it!

Shirley said...

Nice pictures of those bags and cosmetic!! Macys handbag collection is just perfect!!

Mark said...

I really love guess bag! This is b the most important aspects are design. Guess is a generally known as brand name that most people connect with clothing.


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