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Stila Precious Pearl Palette

  • Stila Precious Pearl Palette @
  • Sale Price: $20
  • Original Price: $40
  • Value: $130
  • Comes with 6 shimmery eyeshadows infused with genuine crushed pearl
  • Has mirror on inside cover
  • 10 g of product total; 1.67 g each
  • Packaged in a metal case with 12 tiles of Mother-of-Pearl; not inlaid as I thought, but raised

Top view with flash

Top view in natural light (the prettiest palette I own)

Back label and box with ingredients
(Click to enlarge)


  • Good value; you get six shadows of 1.67 g each (bigger than a MAC shadow)
  • Gorgeous Mother-of-Pearl packaging; every palette is unique since the shells would be different on each
  • Easy to open push-button closure
  • Good quality shadows that are soft, silky and smooth in texture
  • Hardly any fallout when using, if not any
  • Shadows blend easily
  • Shadows have an opalescent/iridescent shimmer
  • Good pigmentation
  • Has mirror
  • Small, compact, travel-friendly size (11.8 cm x 3.4 cm)


  • There's no dark brown shadow =( The blue will always have to be used to darken the outer corner
  • May be too shimmery for some, but if you use a light hand, then it may work out for you
  • No matte colors
  • The edges of the raised Mother-of-Pearl may chip if you don't take care of the palette
  • The light pink could have been replaced with another color
  • If you wear mostly neutrals, these colors may not appeal to you
  • To bring out the colors more, you must use an extra sticky base (i.e. shadestick, cream shadow, or paint pot) and not just TFSI or UDPP

Closeup of the shadows (Click to enlarge)


  • Pale creamy gold (a white-looking shadow that's misleading; it's really gold)- use a light hand when using as a highlight or you'll overdo it; just touch your brush to it
  • Pale light pink- not as pigmented as the others, but it's meant to be light; this is the only color that could have been switched out with another, like a brown or gray
  • Mid-tone pink- a nice lid color
  • Deep navy blue- the outer-V color of the palette; turns purple over the pinks; looks black over the antique gold
  • Bright grass green- the second least pigmented of the palette; goes on a little sheer
  • Antique gold- a lovely mid-tone gold
Swatches (Click to enlarge)
(NOTE: The 7th swatch - the purple - is the mid-tone pink and blue mixed together)

One of the many looks. Here's a very wearable one.


  • Highlight & Inner-V: Pale gold (see how it's creamy yellow-gold and not white?)
  • Lid (inner half): Pale light pink
  • Lid (outer half) & Outer Lower Lashline: Mid-tone pink
  • Crease: Antique gold
  • Outer corner & Outer Lower Lashline: Deep navy blue (turned purple over the pink)

Another simple look
(click to enlarge to see the different colors of iridescent shimmer)


  • Lid & Lower Lashline: Antique gold
  • Highlight & Inner Corner: Pale Gold
  • Outer Corner: Deep navy blue


I paid half price for this palette but would have paid full price for it because of it's well-made packaging and high quality eyeshadows. You can't go wrong with Stila, anyway.

10 comment(s):

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

i love these swatches you made. the colors are soo beautiful and the packaging is beautiful as well. i always skip on buying stila products when i know they are a really good quality.

i also like the look you did.

have you heard of
they have a bunch of authentic stila cosmetics for warehouse prices.

Marie. said...

This is really pretty! I want this palette but I unfortunately dont have funds for it. Poop! I hope it stays out awhile longer!

Lorla said...

I bought this at your recommendation....thank you! You are always so thorough.

Lady Lostris said...

@Becky, thanks so much! =)
Yes, I browse through Beauty Crunch from time to time and love their bargain prices but I haven't ordered anything yet. Maybe someday, but I have too much stuff already...

@Marie, I can't believe they're even selling it at 50% off. It's still in stock though so it's all good.

@Lorla, hope you like your palette. Thanks for noticing the thoroughness. lol =)

witoxicity said...

Excellent review! As Lorla said, you are so thorough! Btw, it was Lorla who's recommended your blog. :)

Lady Lostris said...

@witoxicity, thank you! Lorla is so sweet for doing that =)

Beauty and All That said...

Thanks for the review! Been waiting to reading this after you wrote you were going to review this in your last post! Again, love the neat swatches!!

twinsouls888 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
twinsouls888 said...

Oh wow this palette is sooo pretty. And I really love your swatches on the EDM blushes.

Lady Lostris said...

@Beauty and All That, thank you! Glad you like the swatches. =)

@twinsouls888, thanks for your comment! I love EDM blushes. I think I have all the matte ones already. LoL

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