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SALE: What's Coming To Me From Sephora

First of all to my email subscribers, if you didn't already know, you must click on the blue post title in order to view the entire post with pictures. I don't think some people knew about that. And thanks for subscribing!

Anyway, I was browsing the Sephora website today and found two great deals. The first is the Stila Precious Pearl Palette that was originally $40 but now it's only $20. This is the palette that comes with 6 colors and has mother-of-pearl inlay on the cover. Yuppers! I couldn't pass that up.

Then I wanted to use the free shipping code on all orders $25 or more (CODE: TAX74) so I added to my cart a PlantLove (CARGO's eco-friendly line) palette that's a $25 value but it's only $5. I hope it turns out good because I've never tried this line before.

Then, of course, you always get 3 free samples so I added those to my cart.

But I was caught off guard today because I haven't ordered something from Sephora in a while. Remember when you had a choice of free gift wrapping - a satchel or a sturdy box? Well, it's not free anymore! You have to pay $2 for the satchel and $4 for the box. WHAAATTT?!?!? I was bummed because I love those sturdy boxes with the magnetic closures that are great for storage. I just reorganized my makeup stash on the weekend and used a bunch of these boxes for extra stuff. =(
Damn the economy!

But anyways, I'm waiting for some foundation samples from Meow Cosmetics (the shipping is taking FOREVER) and EG Minerals. I've also picked up a few makeup items from various places in the past few days as well as a couple of items from some clothing stores. Those posts will be coming up.

Hope you're having a wonderful day! It's dinnertime for me and I'm craving fish tacos from Rubio's. Bye <3

4 comment(s):

Halifax said...

Oh wow, Cargo for $5, unheard of. They are good buys, despite no free cute boxes :-) No such good deal for shipping to Canada

Vanessa M. said...

wow! nice sales ;)
damn for being broke!!
and yes i love those boxes too :(

Adrienne said...

do you think the stila palette is online only?

Lady Lostris said...

@Halifax, I hope the Cargo PlantLove turns out good but it's only 5 bucks anyways!

@Vanessa, I'm broke too but I keep buying things. lol. =) I'm so mad that the boxes aren't free anymore!

@Adrienne, I don't know hun. Maybe you can call your local Sephora and ask them.

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