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Itty Bitty MAC Haul (Dry Azz Shadestick)

Here's my tiny MAC haul that I was going to put in my upcoming Lil' Collective Haul post but why not separate it?

"She Loves Candy"

  • Obviously from the Hello Kitty Collection
  • 4.8 g- I haven't bought a lipglass in so long that I forgot how little product you get
  • Color- Sheer pale blue pink with gold pearl
  • See swatch at end of post

  • Sugarsweet Collection
  • MAC Color Description- Frosted pewter
  • MY Description- Silvered khaki; metallic, frosty finish
  • Texture- First time I used it, a quarter of an inch at the tip broke right off! How sucky. That's why the tip is flat in the pic. =/ People are saying these are creamier than the older shadesticks. Well, my "Lucky Jade" shadestick is creamier and glides on smoothly while this one is drier. So I had to check the ingredients...
  • Ingredients- If you see in the picture below, besides the different pigments at the very ends, both shadesticks have the same ingredients, EXCEPT for the omission of the parabens (methyl-, ethyl- & propyl-) in the new "Cakeshop" shadestick. Do you think that makes a difference of why my "Cakeshop" is drier than my "Lucky Jade?" Parabens are preservatives. Hmm... Or maybe I just got a bad product.
  • See swatch at end of post
(Click to enlarge & compare the ingredients)

  • Finish- Matte2
  • MAC Description- Caramel brown (looks that way over Cakeshop shadestick; just wondered what it would look like)
  • My Description- Peachy fawn, definitely more peach than brown-toned
  • Texture- I must say it's kind of powdery; I dipped a blending brush in it once and I had to blow off powder residue. Not creamy
  • Pigmentation- Well pigmented and blends easily
  • Great everyday neutral color; I've been looking for a color just like this that's not too peach or too orange or too adobe-colored

(Click to enlarge)

I told ya it was a small haul. It ain't no joke! =)

Tete-A-Tint, Tete A Tint, Cakeshop, Lucky Jade

4 comment(s):

charlene-ann said...

don't u just love the "she loves candy" =) neways nice haul <3

charlene-ann said...

PS. i tottaly love urbangermany...=) esp. his song "does he know" aaahhh <3

Lady Lostris said...

@charlene-ann, hey hun! That was my one HK purchase. LoL. =)

But woo! I love urbangermany too. *swoon* He deserves more subscribers.

Vanessa M. said...

pshh that haul is twice the size of mine lol! i have she loves candy yay!

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