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Something Different

I am NO photographer but I decided to post some of my favorite pictures that I've taken, just as a record for me. Maybe you'll like them too. =)

The Tangerine & the sunken pirate ship outside of Treasure Island. Don't waste your time watching the free, corny show called "Sirens of TI." See Mystere instead!

A living statue inside Caeser's Palace or the Venetian- I can't remember. He's staring at all his tips! Hmm, I wonder how long their shifts are?

A gorgeous 2200 carat opal sphere inside the Gem and Mineral Hall at the Natural History Museum located at Exposition Park. Check that rock out! They're all sealed under glass.

A chimpanzee relaxing at the LA Zoo in Griffith Park. See his (or her) toes bent upward?

The clock tower set from "Back to the Future", which was first reported as being burnt down in the big fire at Universal Studios, but then they said it was still standing.

Lastly, I had to add at least one beauty-related item, so here's MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot. It's so pretty that I just like looking at it.

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charlene-ann said...

sooo i absolutely LOVE photography...& it is actually one of my other hobbies besides not good at it...but neways I LOVE the photos you took...BEAUTIFUL =)

Lady Lostris said...

@charlene-ann, heya girlie! Thanks! I love looking at other people's photography. I mostly take landscape photos but haven't delved into the more artsy kind of photography. But I love art!

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