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The EASIEST Depot Ever (Revisited)

After easily depotting Revlon ColorStay Quads
- see the original post here- I thought the Revlon Matte shadows probably would require the same method. And yes, they do!

What you'll need is just a PUSH PIN- or anything small enough to fit in a tiny hole, like a safety pin or the back of an earring- and you don't need any alcohol. You might need a paper towel to remove the sticky, gooey glue so that it doesn't get on your hands.

But first of all, the swatches....

They're pretty pigmented over a good base but I sometimes don't like the texture of these matte shadows. See all the chunks leftover when I swatched the blue one? But, at least they're matte.


  1. Peel the sticker off the back to find the hole in the upper left hand corner.
  2. Open the case cover and place the push pin into the hole and start pushing gently.
  3. That's it! The eyeshadow pan should lift up pretty easily. Remember, you don't need any alcohol to dissolve the glue; this glue is different than on most eyeshadow pans.
  4. To remove the excess glue on the back of the pan, use a paper towel to grab most of it off. I tried dissolving it with alcohol but it does not help; it just leaves a sticky, tacky residue.
Then you can just label the pan with a Sharpie. Make a CD palette by placing magnetic sheets you get from the craft store onto the bottom of the CD case (after removing the insert that holds the disk in place). Then, just stick the bare eyeshadow pans onto the magnetic sheets and bam, you got a homemade palette. DO NOT PUT MAGNETS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE EYESHADOW PANS because then it will not stick very well to the magnetic sheets in the CD palette. Yeah, the magnetic sheets don't stick to themselves very well; metal will stick better so leave the pans bare.

Gosh, I just love Revlon for making it so easy to depot something!

If your doing these in bulk, you might not have to peel the sticker off the back anymore. You can just "feel" for the hole.


The same method applies to Revlon ColorStay Quads. Again, you can see the original post for that if you click here.

See the four holes on the left side? You can just "feel" for them with your push pin and poke through the sticker. Start depotting.....easily.

~The ColorStay Swatches~
(All swatched over Scandalous Eyeshadow Base)

Twelve of my depotted quads. Click to enlarge and see the names for each.


The 1st, 2nd, & 4th colors in the Coffee Bean quad are matte. All the other colors in every quad are shimmers. Warm tones...
Cool tones...


(I redid this swatch so it's different from the original)

Steel Impressions is available at Walmart, if you can still find it.
I told ya it was the easiest depot ever! =)

6 comment(s):

.cupcake love. said...

I love how some companies make it so easy to depot!

Lady Lostris said...

@Kaycee, for reals! Depotting Milani shadows is pretty much the same as these but you need alcohol. One of them was sooo easy for me but two of them were a biatch to push out! It took forever to dissolve the glue. Revlon's the easiest. I'm going to peel stickers off the back of eyeshadows from now on to see if there's a hole. Haha.

Vanessa M. said...

lol! omg!! that is way too cool! i havent tried them but now i kinda wnt to!

Jenn said...

wow this is such a neat idea, i must try it sometime! thanks!

hazeleyes62387 said...

that is the coolest thing ive seen so far i love itand i would never have thought of it lol.

Jasmin said...

Oohh, wow ! how awesome..

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