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The Easiest Depot Ever!...In a Magnetic CD Palette

See my pretty CD palette? YAYE! It's actually the second one I've made because the first one was for some depotted Ulta eyeshadows which I need to make a post on. But I depotted 6 of my 8 Revlon Colorstay quads and they were the easiest things I've ever depotted...easier than Milani singles or Ulta Singles!

So in the picture above the names of the quads starting from the top left corner going clockwise are: Sultry Smoke, Steel Impressions, Spring Moss, Blushed Wines, Lavender Meadow & Priceless Metals. And yes, it's magnetic. I used my peel and stick business card sized magnets that I got in a pack of ten at Joann craft store. I used three but had to trim off one of them to fit the inside of the case perfectly. If you want a straight line, especially when trimming the origami paper, use one of those cutters with a slide blade that's used for photos and other crafts. You can see the excess magnet on the left side of the palette. It's that gray strip.

I brought the edges of the origami paper up both sides so that it has nice decorative edges and on the spine I wrote the name of my palette. I decided to call it "Revlon Colorstay 1" in case I want to depot my other quads, plus I always get more anyway.

Here's the back view. As you can see, I used two different designs of origami paper for the back and for the inside bottom. I decided not to make a front label so that I can see what's in there. I like it that way better. You can also write the names of the eyeshadows on top of the CD case cover with a Sharpie if you wanted to. I just used Scotch Tape to adhere the paper to the CD case and I made sure to use two big strips on the top and bottom since I knew this palette would be heavy. Yup, it's pretty hefty with 24 pans in them. I recommend DOUBLE-SIDED Scotch tape for the best hold and appearance.

I used business sized peel and stick magnets. You need 3 of them but you'll have to trim one of them down a little. (This is a pic of the other palette I made)

And if you decide you want to take some with you for travel, 7 pans will fit perfectly into a depotted NYX trio case. All you have to do is peel and stick another magnetic sheet to the bottom of that and voila, you are ready to go.

This is how I depotted them. All you need is a push pin and nothing else. If you turn it on it's back, there are 4 holes on the left side of each quad. The first two quads I did, I peeled off the stickers and then I realized I didn't need to do that! I just had to find the first hole on top and poke through the sticker. Once you find the first one, then the others are easier to find since they're lined up in a straight line.

Here's the front view of a depotted quad. See the four little holes on the right side?

Here's the push pin I used. You can also try using the back of an earring.

The g00iest, stickiest, creamiest, most annoying glue ever!

Sorry I don't have a pic with the shadows being pushed up the palette (UPDATE: I added a pic). Once I got started, I just did all of them. LOL. But behind each shadow pan is a circle of glue near the middle of the pan. It's a different kind of glue where you don't have to melt or dissolve with alcohol. It's really sticky, creamy, and gooey...kind of like the consistency of peanut butter and if you get it on your hands it's a mess. I used a paper towel to scrape it off the back of each pan. I found that alcohol didn't really help in removing the excess from that back and it just left a tacky mess. And you need only to apply little pressure with the push pin since the pans lift up so easily.

I swear these Revlon Colorstay Quads are the easiest things in the world to depot. It's like Revlon knew we would like the option of depotting since they put those four little holes in the plastic. Now why can't every company do that? Hmm, maybe they do! I'm going to start peeling off the backs of my drugstore eyeshadows to check. LoL =P

If you make this palette, this would be the optimum hold for eyeshadow or blush pans WITHOUT magnets because some magnets do not stick very well to these magnetic sheets. If you want to make one for eyeshadow with magnets on the bottom of them already, try using a metal sheet to glue on the bottom of the CD case like the kind you find at the bottom of an e.l.f. compact.

Have fun depotting your Revlon Colorstay Quads and making you own CD palette!! <3>


I made two magnetic CD palettes! Yaye! My pride & joy.

Quad names clockwise from top left: Blushed Wines, Berry Bloom, Lavender Meadow, Sultry Smoke, Steel Impressions (@ Walmart only) & Spring Moss

Quad names clockwise from top left: Priceless Metals, Copper Spice, Coffee Bean (matte except for the 3rd color), Sterling Rose, Nude Elements, Sandstorm
Swatches to come!...
See swatches here.

I made a palette for my first four Ulta eyeshadows which are such good quality! They're huge too. You get about 3.6g or something and they're really creamy and pigmented. I got these on a BOGO. They used to be $6.50 each but now they're $7.00. What's up with that? But it's still worth it. This was the first CD palette I made. You can fit up to 9 Ulta eyeshadows in this baby.

Clockwise from top left: Cashmere, Golden Olive, Plum Smoke & Rose Dusk

5 comment(s):

Vanessa M. said...

wow! never thought of this!

Anonymous said...

I just found this post via YouTube. Thanks so much for posting this! I have several of those Revlon quads and I've been wanting to depot them but I was putting it off because of the hassle of depotting. I had no idea it was so easy. I'm off to make a CD palette. :)


giz89 said...

this is such an excellent idea! thanks so much for posting this. i wish i had more revlon quads to put in a cd!

Alix said...

That worked great! Thank you for taking the time to write this out and take such lovely photos.

Courtney said...

Great project! I found a lot of posts on how to depot circular e/s but very few on rectangular ones. Thanks for posting this!

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