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Weird Label

Looks like a regular lip balm right? Yes it is. I got it for free with an order and it's a Hawaiian Tropic sunblock lip balm.

Then I read the label. "Apply generously to lips......nose......ears?... I've never seen that before. LoL. Just thought it was funny. =) I don't think I'd want to use anything on my nose and ears and then swipe it on my lips.

UPDATE: I just tried this today and it's hard and dry. It doesn't glide on your lips easily so I won't be using it again. Smells like coconut though.


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Farangis said...
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Farangis said...

You never had a sunburn on your eartips? Hmm maybe because you don't burn that easily. I'm fair and have blond hair - even so my hair is over my ears most of the time, I can get burned thre. Unnice feeling, like my ears are always hot...
Honestly I didn't read such a thing neither but it sounds logical (and I don't read instructions on a lipbsalm *lol*). I guess you can use that lipbalm like a regulary sunblocker.

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