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NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Eyeshadows

(Click on image to enlarge)

Cherry Culture had a sale not too long ago on their NYX pigments for $1.00 and they had offered free shipping too! Of course I couldn't pass that up. I got some more lipsticks too but that's another story. Hehe These are so cheap and the texture of these pigments are fine and not grainy. I didn't even use a base under the swatches and they're so pigmented. Of course, I got mostly neutral colors.

With Flash (click on image to enlarge)

Natural Light (click on image to enlarge)
*UPDATE* I added better swatches over a base.

I picked this up at Walmart for $6.97 and it's for bead storage. I like to mix my Everyday Minerals foundations also so these jars will come in handy.

Twenty-four jars

Comparison of the jar with an Everyday Minerals mini jar and a sample jar.

The jar from Walmart is ever so slightly wider and taller than the 10ml mini jar from EDM. They have no sifters.

Make sure you wash these out with soap and water before putting anything in them. Even though the kit was sealed, you want to be as sanitary as possible.

Here's the finished product. I emptied just half of those 5ml NYX pigments in the jars and they filled them about half way. It looks like there's just a small amount of pigments in the bottles but there's a huge amount. I didn't feel it was necessary to empty the bottle completely since there's so much in the jars already.

Fanta is my favorite. Isn't it gorgeous?! It's a pretty melon color.

2 comment(s):

Farangis said...

You know you got me to buy some NYX Pigments as well, I just couldn't help myself *lol*

I hope you'll do a vid in the future about your NYX (eye) make up - many ppl like these products from NYX sadly it's not available in europe so I have to sure it is a good product before importing it (which is never cheap).

Sofee said...

arent these jars awesome...have u filled it with more nyx piggies??? I wanna see???

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