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More Everyday Minerals? Of Course Baby!

I had to order another, yes, yet another EDM 12-piece $50 kit because I needed some foundation colors to mix since I was recently experimenting with all my samples. I make a custom mixture of Winged Butter, Golden Medium & Olive Medium Intensives. And since their special was freaking awesome, it gave me another excuse. The special was two new blushes that came in two black puff jars. I couldn't pass that up! I picked up a few extras too. Here's what I got:

1. Flat-Top Brush- now I have one with the bamboo handle
2. Eye Kabuki Brush -had to pick up another for concealer and blending
3. Foundation Brush- I don't use liquid foundation but I just had to get this
4. Eyeshadow Brush- WAY BETTER than their old one with white bristles
5. Golden Medium Intensive Foundation (Olive Family)
6 & 7. Olive Medium Intensive Foundation (Olive Family)
8 & 9. Winged Butter Intensive Foundation (Golden Family)
10. Coffee Break blush- makes a pretty eyeshadow
11. Cool Breeze eyeshadow- pretty, shimmery pink-lilac color
12. Exhale eyeshadow- I thought this was more of a milk chocolate color but it's just a matte, medium chocolate brown with no red tones, contrary to the website description; lighter than their Dark Brown Brow color and less harsh looking

13. Wallaby eyeshadow- matte cool purple with more red in it
14. Casual Friday eyeshadow- matte, true purple; more blue in it than Wallaby
15 & 16. Two Closeable Sifter Jars with the new blue lids- these have a semi-circular part on top of the sifter that rotates 360 degrees so you can cover all the holes up once your done tapping out your minerals. You can adjust it so that only a few holes are available.

17. Going Green For Pink blush in a black Puff Jar- muted dusty pink
18. Pink Snowflakes blush in a black Puff Jar- shimmery light pink
19-23. Sample Kit- Spring concealer (my fave)
-Deep Wine blush-matte, earthy, reddish-brown
-Olive Neutral foundation
-Light (Golden Family) foundation,-a little bit darker than Winged Butter (Golden Family) which I wasn't expecting; nice surprise
-Light Martian (Olive Family)-looks very similar to Olive Neutral

The puff jars that the freebie blushes came in. They're black! Really not ideal for blush so I depotted one into the new closeable sifter jar that I got.

The unlabled little jar on the left is Wallaby eyeshadow
Swatches with flash (click image to enlarge)
Swatches in natural light (click image to enlarge)
Sorry I didn't swatch the foundations (click image to enlarge)

Closeable sifter jars

Brushes L to R: foundation, eyeshadow, eye kabuki & flat-top buffer brushes

Woo that was a lot of stuff and I still want more! I swear I'm an Everyday Minerals junkie. =P

*UPDATE* Oct. 20
I used my new flat-top brush pictured above with the bamboo handle for the second time and noticed major shedding which never happened with my other 2 flat top brushes with the birch handles. Major disappointment. My other flat top brushes never shedded one bristle. Maybe they changed the glue that they were using or I don't know. So I guess the flat top brushes are not the same quality anymore. =(

3 comment(s):

Farangis said...

oO the blushes are in buff jars?! Without a seal??! Who applies blush with a sponage? -.-

But I can see I have to place an order, the blushes look really nice - I already filled my card but well I DO have already enough make up... but still when it comes to EDM I can't resist *sigh* I guess you know.

Ah I'd love to have a review vid about the new jars and the special freebies...

farangis said...

To the added comment of the 20th:

Hmm I *did* notice a difference between the old and the new bamboo-handled FTB but I can't put the finger on it...
But mine does not shed at all. I guess you just got a defected one - like I had with my "new" LHK (which got uneven and scratchy after the washing and started to shed after the 2nd washing -.-)

Linhiepoo said...

ahh, that sucks about ur flat top >.<
im guessing you got a bad one or something, cuz i have the same one with the new bamboo handles and mine has never shed! its perfecto! so yeah, dont give up on the new flat tops yett! =P

i liked mine so much, i also went ahead and got a second one for back up! xDDD

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