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Ulta Eyeshadow Love

I love Ulta eyeshadows! I already owned 4 of them and bought 8 more and I really wished I had ordered more since they were only $1.25 each but that special is no longer going on.
I had planned on putting them into magnetic CD palettes but decided to skip on that idea. I removed various eyeshadows (e.l.f. Milani, NYX, pressed Everyday Minerals, MAC Starflash) that were in my second MAC palette and put them into my homemade magnetic palette that I got from Coastal Scents as you see below.

Then I removed the insert from the MAC palette that covers up the metal sheet on the bottom that's been spray painted gray. The sheet seems to be glued down to the plastic so I didn't need to worry about adhering that down.

Next I depotted the eyeshadows, which are about the second easiest thing I've ever depotted. Revlon Colorstay being the first and Milani singles being the third easiest. All you do is get a nail file and push down and away on the top edge of each pan. This pushes up the other end of the pan and while pushing down on one end, you grab the popped-up end with your other hand/finger. The little dot of sticky glue you see below is all that holds the pan in place.

After removing the excess glue with rubbing alcohol and paper towels, I peeled and stuck on adhesive magnets. I like cutting squares and I just simply labled each shadow by writing on the bottom of the pans with a Sharpie.

Ten Ulta eyeshadows will fit into a MAC palette with the insert taken out of it. I could also squeeze in only two regular sized eyeshadows at the bottom. They could not fit near the latch part at the bottom center.

Two stragglers had to be put into a CD palette. On the left is Dusk and on the right is Chestnut. These pans do not have magnets stuck behind them because the metal of the pan will stick better to the magnetic sheets.

Swatches in Natural Light (click image to enlarge)

Swatches with Flash (click image to enlarge)

Just a different angle. I used a Physician's Formula Color Eyes Cream Shadow Stick in Champagne as a base for the swatches.


  • Aztec Gold - high pearl gold color; the texture of this is different than all the others; this one has bigger pieces of shimmer in it
  • Cashmere - shimmery camel color
  • Organza - light lilac shimmer, slightly taupe
  • Rose Dusk - light/medium pink shimmer
  • Golden Olive - shimmery olive green with a gold sheen
  • Dusk - darker version of Rose Dusk but more of a semi-matte finish
  • Luna - shimmery turquoise with a golden sheen
  • Peacock - shimmery medium blue; a true blue
  • Plum Smoke - shimmery bronzey color with a very slight and subtle plum tone
  • Mystical - shimmery darker version of Plum Smoke but has more red/burgundy tones
  • Eggplant - satin purple with cool tones rather than warm tones
  • Chestnut - semi-matte taupish-brown
I hope this helped in anyway! These eyeshadows are the same size but some of them say 3.0g on the label while others are 3.8g. I don't know why. It's not due to the different finishes neither. They are currently on sale online for $2.50 each which is a great deal because they are normally $7.00. Even with a BOGO, $2.50 is still cheaper than $3.50 so get them while the special lasts. I don't know if this special is going on in the stores also.
I have no idea why I didn't get more greens because that's my favorite color.

I also picked up the 65 piece Blockbuster Set only for the eyeshadow and the case. That post will be coming soon... =)

UPDATE! I got more...
This is my "jewel-tone" palette


  • Lustre- shimmery, very light silvery taupe
  • Gold Leaf- shimmery light gold
  • Terracotta- shimmery orangey-peach
  • Radiant- shimmery light celery green
  • Verdigris- shimmery medium green with gold
  • Envy- shimmery green with blue tones, more bluish green than Verdigris
  • Brass- shimmery mid-toned bronze
  • Sapphire- shimmery royal blue
  • Night Sky- shimmery deep cool purple with multicolored glitters
(A NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in Cottage Cheese was used as a base in these swatches)

2 comment(s):

itsCHARLENEANN said...

aawww YAY! yes i go to your blog..=) love it! come out with more vids...i miss your vids..=D

Farangis said...

Oh this is so tempting!
The swatches look great, now I want to buy more e/s but I have alreay that much...

I like your idea with the MAC palette - the Ultra e/s are bigger than the MAC ones, right? So more product for less money... I guess it's good to let go of the MAC hype and look for other brands - MAC is just too expensive for just casual use. (Just my opinion)

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