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Dust-Free Brushes

I had to make another brush holder and decided to reserve my old one for eye brushes and my new one for face and lip brushes. Yes, I'm a germ freak and a neat freak. And I don't use every single brush everyday so some of them will get dusty. After spending so much time washing and drying them, plus the money spent, I might as well take care of my brushes and give them their own dust-free home to rest in. They are also protected from any aerosol can spray like air freshener or Lysol...Oh, and spiders too. LoL. Spiders seem to pop up in my room.

I get asked all the time where I got the clear plastic box from. Well, I got it from a little craft store called Beverly's and have not seen these at my local Michael's or Joann (why are all craft stores named after somebody? LoL) It's just called "Craft Box" and the brand name is Darice. This was only $2.99 and the dimensions are about 7" tall by 4"wide. A lot of them in the store were scratched up or cracked so I had to spend some time looking for a nice one.

The clear little cylindrical-shaped beads that appear white are called Colorfill and a bag of it is around $5. It's used in floral arrangements and I give all the credit to YouTube's EnkoreMakeup.
I added some black ribbons with white polka dots to hide the top line of the Colorfill because it's a little uneven at times. I also keep the clear plastic brush sleeves on most of my face brushes. Since I didn't have enough Colorfill (I used leftovers from last time) I have to reach down into the box to get my flat top buffer brushes and I don't want to touch the bristles and add germs. So the sleeves protect them.
Have you made a brush holder yet? What does yours look like? =)

Here's a current picture of my brush holders. (June 10, 2009)

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Farangis said...

I really want to have such brush holders. When I saw your vid about the first one, I already thought it was a great idea to have them pot into a closeable box. That's also one reason why I store mine in my bathroom drawer (the other ine is my cat *chuckle*).
Now it shouldn't be hard to find such a box hmm have to look at the stores here.

Thanks for bringing up this idea again - I love my brishes and I want them as clean and dustfree as possible. ^^

itsCHARLENEANN said...

very nice =) im tryna find a container with a cover so it won't get dusty...but no luck yet...yours is pretty =)

Pretty in Pink said...

This was a really good idea! VERY CUTE.
* xoxo *

Queencess said...

That's cute! I kinda just cram my brushes into a little (I guess it was suppose to be a pencil) holder. Its running out of room though =(.

Dhini said...

That is a great idea but I can not find the cleat box likes you have

But make it with another clear box.

Anastasia said...

Hey, I adore these brush holders! I stumbled on this when someone linked me to your post on your Target 187 dupe.

I'm going to do a blog post about make-up storage soon, I'd love to be able to use one of the images of your brush holders along with credit and a link to this post, as an example of some of my favourite DIY brush holders I've seen.

If that's okay by you, let me know, thanks!

Lady Lostris said...

@Anastasia, sure, you can use one of my images as long as you link it, which you've already said you'll do. I'm fine with it. Thanks for the support.

tammy said...

"I have set of cheap makeup brushes too that I just put in a bag, but this black ribbon box is a good idea to put my brushes. This holders will surely protect this brushes from dust and being damage if only put in a bag."

landmouse said...

Thank you so much for having OCD! I was inspired to create my own from your example, and I love it...with one minor tweak. I have arthritis, and it is difficult for me to get the brush I want without disturbing the others. I don't know if I can post a link here, but you can find my solution if you search on Amazon for "7-1/4 Tall Acrylic Box - Crystal Clear." This box has a deeper lid which, when removed, allows more maneuverability. (sp?) Thank you again!

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