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Clinique STEAL

So I caved because Clinique is having an online bonus where you can choose between 3 different sets that come in a white and silver floral wristlet. Click on the link to take you there to see what's inside each. (Hmm, and I'm supposed to be on a NO BUY. I promise I won't buy any makeup at one time over 10 bucks until MAC comes out with their Hello Kitty collection next February.) So I opted for the Professional Polish set because I liked that lipstick the best.

Then for my regular purchase, I picked up the Instant Pretty Limited Edition holiday set for $36. That comes with a full size 0.5 oz All About Eyes, which I had already purchased not too long ago and I wish I had waited because this is $27.50 by itself. It also comes with a 1.7oz Take the Day Off, Black High Impact Mascara sample, a mini Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick in Twilight Nude, an eyeshadow palette with 6 Colour Surge Eyeshadow shades and a silver cosmetics bag.

Wait! Then I got FREE SHIPPING by using the code "FALLBEST" (which expires Oct. 27) and that also comes with 2 samples: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (which I dislike anyway) and Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer.

So plus tax, the grand total only cost me $38.88. What a steal!...

2 comment(s):

farangis said...

... unbelievable ...
When I see this, I get the urge to cry - really. I've NEVER seen anything like that here in germany. Never.
They may give you some samples (not only clinique, since clinique has no regualry shop here only resellers), if you're lucky it is even a clinique sample - but a WHOLE set?! omg
I guess sometime I'll need either a very patient swap partner living in US... or something like access usa...
(We need more competition here in europe, definitly!)

mszcheysser said...


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