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Blush Galore: Everyday Minerals

I decided to pull out all my Everyday Minerals blushes just to see how much I have and I counted 26 (Update: 34). I don't really care for very shimmery blushes so you won't see any here, except for a couple, which I choose to use as eyeshadows instead.

I must bore the above picture into my head when I'm thinking about buying more blushes. I don't need anymore! LOL. Ah, but it's so addicting sometimes.

Most of these blushes are matte while some are sheen finishes, which have very subtle shimmer and have a glowy or dewy appearance. Peach Tree Dance and DVR Saturday are the only shimmer blushes I have and they are as sparkly as EDM pearl and shimmer eyeshadows. I can only wear talc-free blushes because talc irritates my skin. Almost all pressed powder blushes contain talc so I have to stick with EDM. (Update: I love PF blushes, also.) Even their pressed blushes are talc-free and the binder used is jojoba (ho-HO-bah). (Update: They have discontinued their pressed blushes...for now. Bummer.) I have two of their pressed blushes -one in All Smiles and the other in Best Friends, which I depotted into my old MAC Studio Fix compact. Of course I had to make that magnetic! =)

Swatches 1-16 in natural light. (Click image to enlarge)
*IMPORTANT NOTE* I think the pictures in natural lighting best represent the actual colors. I added in the flash pics to show you the shimmer.

Swatches 1-16 with flash (click image to enlarge)

Swatches 17-25 in natural light (click image to enlarge)

Swatches 17-25 with flash (click image to enlarge)

Flash washed out this pic, but all other photos are accurate.


1. All Smiles- matte; peachy, sherbert color that darkens when applied. Don't be scared of it. My ultimate favorite
2. Summer Stoll- very subtle sheen; bright orangey light peach
3. Peach Tree Dance (discontinued)- super shimmery medium peach; I got this to use as an eyeshadow; (so do they do some kind of dance around peach tree's or something? =P)
4. Yardsale (discontinued)- subtle sheen; very light beigey-peach for a natural, dewy and glowy look; why'd they discontinue it?!
5. Weekend Getaway- matte; light peachy-pink nude slightly earthy color (lol)
6. Daydream- matte; light nudish brown color. Looks similar to Weekend Getaway when swatched but it's lighter and does not have peach undertones like WG. Looks similar to Waffle Cone when swatched but it's lighter and is matte. My fave nude color
7. Waffle Cone- between a sheen & a shimmer finish. Looks similar to Weekend Getaway and Daydream when swatched but IRL, it's darker than both
8. Everyday Bronzer- matte, dark brown with pink undertones. Lighter than Deep Wine and more brown. (This is not similar to Bare Minerals warmth, which is more golden and orangey than this)
9. Swimming Pool- matte; muted pink-brown with a slight mauve tone; my everyday fave
10. Best Friends- matte, mauve-pink. Strong mauve tones like Jump Rope and Opening Day
11. Jump Rope- subtle sheen, mauve-plum. Strong mauve tones like Best Friends and Opening Day
12. Opening Day- sheen; pinkish mauve color. Similar to Best Friends and Jump Rope but a little darker and slightly more pink than plum
13. Flannel PJs- sheen; dark rosey-mauve
14. Coffee Break- shimmer but classified as a sheen on website; dark bronzey/toffee color with a slight mauve/lilac tinge. Nice eyeshadow. Kind of reminds me of Laptop but less plum-toned15. Deep Wine- matte; dark brown with reddish tones but no plum tones. Similar to Everyday Bronzer but darker. I use this sparingly for contour. Good for darker skin tones.
16. Wet Sand- shimmer; light whitish-beige highlight color
17. Apple- matte; it's a true pink; one of my favorite pinks
18. Gameshow- matte; dark pink and more of a cousin to Plum Dust than Apple. I'm really liking this one now
19. DVR Saturday- shimmery light-medium pink; the outer edges of the swatch above is the true color and is darker and pinker than Snuggle; reswatched below
20. Snuggle- sheen; light pink with a hint of peach
21. Plum Dust- matte; not a plum color but a dark pink; as deep in intensity as Game Show but a little brighter in hue. One of my faves
22. Going Green for Pink (discontinued)- matte; muted dusty pink; slightly mauvey
23. Sunday Brunch- matte; definite orange/coral undertones; kind of "bright"
24. Nick Nack- matte, light pink. Better for fair and light skin tones
25. Fresh Air (discontinued)- matte, light beige with a hint of pink. I use this to tone down my blush when I accidentally overdo it, which is about once a week. LOL
....and finally, which is not pictured but previously posted....
26. Pink Snowflakes (LE)- shimmery light pink with silvery sparkle

These descriptions are just my opinion. Everyone has a different eye.


I'll add all my newer blushes here.

(Click to enlarge) I reswatched DVR Saturday & Swimming Pool. EDIT: It's BoUquet
[Jeez, the flash pic looks bad but the colors are accurate. I might redo it!]

27. Time Share- matte (but it has very minimal shimmer in it) mauve-pink; dupe for Best Friends so if you have one, you don't need the other
28. Bouquet- matte; light pinkish-lilac; better as an eyeshadow with Morning Cup
29. Morning Cup- matte; dirty grayish-lilac; probably the ugliest and most unflattering blush ever - makes me look like a corpse; better as a smokey eyeshadow - pair it with Bouquet
30. Email Me- matte; light muted peach; hardly shows up on me

The first three look very similar in the jar, don't they?

31. Snooze Bar- sheen; looks more sparkly than Back To School but it's still a sheen finish; an earthy-peachy color that looks very similar to Back To School but has more peach in it
32. Back To School- sheen; a peachy-pink that looks very similar to Snooze Bar except that it has a bit more pink in it
33. Tea Time- matte (this is wrongly categorized on the EDM website in the Shimmer category because it absolutely looks matte!); an earthy-peachy-brown color that gives me a nice, healthy, flushed, sun-kissed look; a new favorite!; the flash made the swatch look brighter for this particular color so I would say the natural light picture looks more accurate, but you can see the peachy-brown tones in the flash pic
34. Once and Again- matte; mauvey-plum with a hint of pink; may be a little too dark for fair complexions
(NOTE: This is described as a rosy terracotta on the EDM site, which I think is inaccurate. A lot of their descriptions seem off so I suggest getting sample sizes to really see the true colors. I also think some of the jar pictures look off. To me, their pictures of Apple and Best Friends look switched.)

That's all for now! If I buy any more, I will continue to update this post.

6 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

Hi Lostris :)
I just made an order for EDM and got the pressed blush in apple, all smiles and summer stroll. I always love your swatch photos, i was wondering if you can do the same with your EDM eyeshadows? i know its on your youtube clip, but can you post up some pics of all your EDM eyeshadows please?

cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lostris ^_^

thanks for the swatches - Wet Sand is shimmery omg.
And the discription - that really helps since the ones on the EDM side are mostly not really helping. Specially the comments about matte and sheen/shimmer - I dislike that I have to search for that in the discription and then there are more differentced about sheen and sheen (same goes for shimmer).
Thanks again^^


Camila said...

Thank you for the swatches, I'm looking for a peach EDM blush without shimmer, I guess I'll buy Summer Stroll. Do you think Swimming Pool looks like MAC's Blushbaby?

Lady Lostris said...

Camila, Summer Stoll has a very, very subtle sheen to it but it's not shimmery. I don't own Blushbaby so I don't know about that but Swimming Pool is my favorite everyday pink with brown undertones. It's not too bright either.

Stephanie said...

great swatches! What do you think would be a good dupe for Nars Oasis? I'm wanting to try the EDM ones. Thanks!

.blushfully. said...

Wow that's amazing! Lots of edm blushes!! This really helps with choosing which blush to get! Thank you so much for doing this! ;)

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