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To Chi Or Not To Chi?

That is the question. It's been a long time comin' since I've wanted to try out a Chi flat iron. After seeing a few videos about it on YouTube, it was time to get one. I bought the cheapest, plainest but most reviewed Chi on and it's model number is CHI-GF1001 for $78.95. But by using the code "lauren555" (expires after the 31st of Oct), you get $10 off any order over $50. Shipping is free for purchases over $50 so I thought that was a good deal. The grand total was about $75.

By the way, I have wavy, frizzy, dry, color-treated hair.


  • Small, sleek, lightweight (1" wide plates)
  • Power switch on the inside of handle to avoid accidental shut off
  • Ceramic plates and coils
  • About a 9' long swivel cord
  • Super fast heat up
  • Straightens, flips, curls
  • Adds SHINE; makes my hair more silky and smoother than my old flat iron
  • Easy to clean
  • Cools down quicker than my old flat iron

  • No case/pouch
  • 9' long cord can get in the way if you don't need it
  • Cheap quality plastic; it's like a matte plastic that scratches easily
  • Cord quality is flimsy; not like a regular, normal, stiffer cord
  • May pinch your palm/hand at the back end of the iron (that really hurt too!)
  • Unstable base; tips over easily (the most annoying thing to me)
  • Can only do small strands at a time; slow-going
  • I have to go over my hair about 3 times
  • No adjustable heating
What I'm comparing the Chi to is my old flat iron. A couple years ago I was up really, really late and was engrossed in an infomercial that featured the Maxiglide. I know, it sounds like a feminine product, right? Haha. This retails for around $80.
Picture A.1

Picture A.2
Picture A.3
Picture A.4
Picture A.5
  • Comes with a zippered case and DVD
  • Comes with 2 different removable (picture A.1) plates: 1. detangling pins; 2. smooth/flat
  • Adjustable heating
  • Steam feature (picture A.5) adds moisture and helps "tame" frizzies (use only distilled water to prevent calcium/lime build up)
  • Large 2" wide detangling plate holds more hair at one time; quicker straightening
  • Non-slip rubber strip (picture A.4) at the base (the best freaking thing!)
  • Two passes through my hair is good enough compared with 3 passes with the Chi (I think the detangling pins help with that)
  • Straightens, flips, softens (I tried curling with the smooth plate but couldn't get it to work)

  • Heavy, big and bulky
  • Plates are ceramic COATED (picture A.2); that was not specified in the infomercial; I thought they were true ceramic plates
  • Detangling plate will get dirty like a hairbrush over time (picture A.3); hard to clean
  • Slow heat-up; takes at least 2 minutes
  • Takes forever to cool down
  • Straightens and softens but does NOT add shine; Chi smooths and shines better
  • No swivel cord
CHI: 4 out of 5 stars
MAXIGLIDE: 3 out of 5 stars


I wish I could take the pros of each and magically make my own flat iron. But back to reality. I would definitely recommend the Chi GF1001 for straight, smooth, shiny hair at an affordable price. The number one thing I hate the most about it is that it's very unstable and it tips over easily. I have to take an extra 2-3 seconds making sure that thing won't fall over each time I put it down. But overall, I like it very much.

As for the Maxiglide, I definitely would NOT recommend it. Since trying out something better, I know this isn't worth buying because although it straightens hair, it does not make it shiny and silky.

What's your favorite flat iron? Please share your recommendations. Maybe I should of spent a little extra money and tried out a T3 or a Kyoseki. But I'm still happy! =)

Oh yeah, I was up another night watching yet another infomercial (LOL) and saw another very interesting "flat" iron called the InStyler. You guys have to check out the link and see this crazy looking thing but it probably works really well! =P

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Farangis said...
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Farangis said...

Honestly, I don't use a flat iron. I'm not really sure if I still have one hmm guess my Sis got it since she doesn't like her natural curls.
My hair are very fine and always stressed, so using heat on it, is no option. But I guess I'm lucky, I have a natural wave - when I brush my hair I can get them nearly straight but when I use some styling mouse and a dryer I can even get a big curl look :D (To think I hated these curly as a kid...)

So the only iron I have is a curl iron, those which makes "angled curls" ^^

Kelly said...

I straighten my hair 3 days week a week. I own a crappy Conair (supposedly has tourmaline/ceramic plates) but I'm thinking about getting the Sedu. I've heard a lot of cons about the CHI and how it breaks easily.

I'm glad the CHI works for you though :) Maybe you can post pictures of your hair with one side straighten with the CHI and one with the Maxiglide :)

Have a great Halloween!

M-ROSE said...

My hair is CRAZY when I don't flat iron it. After years of using the "cheap" brands, my hair was sooooooo damaged.
I finally got the CHI about 3 years ago, I LOVE IT. It's pricey...but worth it. I've had to exchange it 2 times for a new one though. I drop it a lot, I'm clumsy. I'm just glad I didn't have a problem exchanging it!
It does wonders for my hair, can't even deny it! haha

Sarrell said...

Target sells a Conair straightener online that is really good. It's actually the highest rated straightener on the whole website and the website also sells chi straighteners! It has 40 reviews (all of them 5 out of 5) and many say that is better than chi. I love it, it makes my hair so silky smooth, it's cute and pink too! The kicker? IT'S ONLY $19.99. You need to try it.
It's called the Breast Cancer Awareness 1" Straightener. Target only sells it online though.

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