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New Ulta Blockbuster Set & BARGAIN ALERT!

Now do I need more makeup? But how can I pass this up! I'm definitely getting the black one and hold up! Their single eyeshadows are ON SALE for $2.50 and that's with a BOGO so they're only $1.25 EACH. Regular price is $7.00, which actually went up recently from $6.50. OH SNAP! ::adding to cart:::

L to R: Cashmere, Golden Olive, Rose Dusk, Plum Smoke
These are the only 4 I already have and I love them!

Oh and if you were wondering about Ulta eyeshadows, they are very good quality for the size and price. They're pigmented and creamy and it's more than twice the amount of a MAC eyeshadow. So they don't fit in standard sized palettes but you can make one with a CD case. Check out my previous post where I made a magnetic CD palette.

And if you were wondering how I depotted them, I just used my nail file and pressed the top edge of the pan down and away from the eyeshadow until the opposite end popped out of the case. Then while pressing down with one hand, I tried to pull the pan up and out with the other hand at the same time. It's easy but a little tricky. What holds the eyeshadow in place is that sticky kind of glue that peels off nicely. If you get little samples of anything that open like a book, you know what I'm talking about. It kind of looks like clear snot. LOL. I think it's called museum glue or something. Anyways, there's a little dot of that near the bottom center of Ulta eyeshadows. It would be really hard for me to do a video on that because of the angle.

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Mrs. Brookaltimore said...

Oooh, I didn't know ULTA raised the price of their shadows. Boo to that but that sale you mentioned it amazing. I will definitely be needing to make a trip over. I miss your YouTube videos, by the way. =( Will you not be making any more of them?

Mrs. Brookaltimore said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to add that you can put the depotted ULTA shadows in this palette:

Lady Lostris Beauty | TNB