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Oil Slick Control: Powders, Products & Methods

***The following post will contain my personal opinions and experiences. What may not work for me may work for you. We are all different.***

Controlling an oil slick is very hard for an oily gal. I've tried all these products, plus the two methods at the end, and I'll tell you how each of them worked out for me.


I will start out with the best product that has helped control my oilies- Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder!

~TEXTURE: This translucent, finely-milled, light, dusty and airy powder goes on smoothly and gives my face a nice matte appearance without being too cakey or drying.
~AMOUNT/PRICE: The jar is super huge and you get 30 grams for around $15 with shipping. (Just Google this product because there are various places where you can purchase it.)
~INGREDIENTS: Dimethylimidazolidinone Rice Starch, Talc. Yes, it contains the dreaded talc which I religiously stay away from but at least it's not the first ingredient. I don't know what the ratio of the two ingredients could be- 51% rice starch & 49% talc or 98% rice starch & 2% talc? Who knows?
~SKIN REACTION: Although it contains talc, I have not broke out but I do make sure that I don't use it every single day. I might use it for 3 or 4 days in a row and skip the next day or the next two days- only because I know I've been sensitive to face products containing talc but that was when talc was the first ingredient. So far, so good! Yay!
~APPLICATION: I use a stippling brush to apply. It comes with a powder puff but I think that would apply too much product and I don't need to pack this on. I usually reapply mid day and after a work day. Just load some up on a retractable brush and you're good to go.
~BOX DESCRIPTION: "Anti-Shine powder finishes the makeup and gives a natural matte appearance. Ideal for long lasting touch up even after hours of setting the makeup without changing it." (Made in Germany)
~OIL CONTROL RATING/REPURCHASE?: Since it's the best thing I've tried so far, I have to give it a 5 out of 5. Definitely repurchasing, although I think this jar is going to last a looong time!

Jar size comparison


Next up is the Kaolin Powder in Sunlight from Everyday Minerals...

~TEXTURE: Not as finely-milled and light as the Kryolan. It's a nice primer and finishing powder though. Matte and translucent. Also available in "Fair" and "Soft Bronze" but still translucent.
~AMOUNT/PRICE: 6 grams for $12, or can be purchased in a 6-piece kit for $34
~INGREDIENTS: Kaolin Clay, Mica, Iron Oxides
~SKIN REACTION: No adverse reactions, however, I don't use it too often.
~APPLICATION: A flat-top or round kabuki worked best for me.
~WEBSITE DESCRIPTION: "The best oil-absorbing kaolin clay and light-reflecting mica blended to silky perfection to produce Start to Finish Sunlight! Use as a primer or finish powder to help your skintone have a softer and smoother look with a radiant finish."
~OIL-CONTROL RATING/REPURCHASE?: I was excited to try it because I've heard kaolin is really good but sadly, it didn't really do anything for me. I don't know why? I give it a 2 out of 5 and I won't be repurchasing- it was a free gift anyway!


Since the EDM Kaolin Powder didn't help so much, I figured I'd try something with a different type of clay and silica. So here's the
Oil Absorb from Purely Cosmetics.

~TEXTURE: It's a tad rough- not as smooth as all the other powders in this post (the Kryolan being the finest and smoothest). The color is a light gray but goes on translucent.
~AMOUNT/PRICE: Approximately 8 grams for $16.
~INGREDIENTS: Bentonite Clay, Silica, Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin Clay
~SKIN REACTION: Nothing bad so far
~APPLICATION: It doesn't stick to my flat top or powder brush easily; it kind of just moves around in lid. I like to use it before foundation, mixed with silk powder. Then I use silk powder again over my foundation.
~WEBSITE DESCRIPTION: "Use a light layer under foundation to absorb excess oil. Newly reformulated! Made of finely ground bentonite clay, which is known for it's high absorption properties. We've now added silica, calcium carbonate and kaolin clay for ease of smooth application, increased adhesion and oil absorption, and blurred optical effects."
~OIL-CONTROL RATING/REPURCHASE?: Since it contained bentonite clay, like my favorite Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, I thought it would help control the oilies really well but it was ok; it works much better with a silk powder. I give it a 3 out of 5 and I might repurchase, but it's a little too expensive for the size.


Next up is Silk Dust and Tinted Silk Dust from Everyday Minerals, which have been DISCONTINUED, but you can find silk powder at a lot of other mineral makeup companies...

~TEXTURE: Fine and silky smooth, pretty much like the Kryolan. Also matte and translucent.
~AMOUNT/PRICE: Discontinued. Silk Naturals sells it for $9.95 for 2 teaspoons. Also check out Meow Cosmetics.
~INGREDIENTS: Silk powder (EDM added black currant powder seed extract). Silk powder has natural amino acids, which is supposed to be good for the skin. The untinted one can go on a little white if you put on a lot but it's still translucent. I've yet to find another tinted silk powder. Why do they always have to discontinue products that I love?!!
~SKIN REACTIONS: Nothing bad; I actually think it makes my skin better.
~APPLICATION: I use a flat-top brush and apply this everyday as a primer under my mineral makeup to help control oil and help my foundation glide on smoothly and easily. Then, I either use the Kryolan Anti-Shine powder or the Silk Powder again, as a finishing powder over my foundation.
~OIL-CONTROL RATING/REPURCHASE?: 4 out of 5; I still have 6 jars of Tinted Silk Dust because I stocked up before the discontinuation but when I'm out, I'm definitely repurchasing somewhere else.


The last powder is Everyday Minerals Rice Powder in Sunlight...

~TEXTURE: Not as fine and light as the Kryolan powder. Matte and translucent. Also available in "Soft Bronze" color, which is still translucent and colorless on me.
~AMOUNT/PRICE: 8g for $12, can be purchased in a 6-piece kit for $34
~INGREDIENTS: Organic rice powder, mica, magnesium stearate, iron oxides
~SKIN REACTION: No adverse reactions
~APPLICATION: I've used a flat-top, powder and stippling brush- makes no difference.
~WEBSITE DESCRIPTION: "A translucent finishing powder with soft yellow undertones that helps to neutralize ruddiness in the skin. It works great as a primer to help mattify without drying the skin and delivers a bright, fresh finish- all in one versatile product!"
~OIL-CONTROL RATING/REPURCHASE?: Did the same as the EDM Kaolin so I give it a 2 out of 5. I won't be repurchasing and this was also a free gift too anyway.


Oh, I forgot about Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, which did nothing for me. It's a nice finishing powder but for controlling oily skin- meh! It's corn starch based so that can be irritating for acne prone skin.


I've also tried the following 3 PRODUCTS with no luck...

~Origins Zero Oil: Way back in the day, I used to use Origins products, which are very nice but it got too pricey for me. Anywho... Zero Oil is a liquid with solid particles in it; you're supposed to shake it up and pat it on your shiny areas. It didn't work so well, it's really messy and it may leave white marks on your face. You have to make sure you have clean hands before applying and the product may spill out of the bottle. $12 for 18 ml
~Smashbox Anti-Shine: Didn't work at all for me and it broke me out. Pricey at $27 for 1 oz.
~Lancome Pure Focus (I think the older product was called T-Controle): This is a gel-type primer and mattifier which worked pretty well but it ended up breaking me out. =( Plus, it's pricey- $27 for 1 oz.

Again, way back in the day, I did some research and tried these two METHODS to help control the oilies.

~The Milk of Magnesia (MoM) Mask: Make sure you get the original flavor, not mint or any other flavor! And don't drink it! Wash your face like normal in the morning and apply this with a cotton ball like a mask, avoiding your eye area. Leave it on for about 10 minutes then rinse it off. Then moisturize and apply your makeup like normal. It helped me a lot, well, at least for the first few hours. I can't remember why I stopped using it. I think I just got tired of doing it each day. Maybe I'll try it again.

~The Egg White Mask: Just crack an egg open and separate the yolk from the white. Take the white part (the albumen) and apply it to your face like a mask. Leave on for a few minutes then rinse. There's different recipes; some people add lemon juice or honey. It tightens your pores and dries up quickly. It did work a little to help control oiliness but then I started to think about the Salmonella on my face. Eww...



I hope this post has offered a few suggestions for you in helping to control oily skin. Remember, these results were based on my own personal experiences, so just because a product did, or did not, work for me does not mean it will, or will not, work for you.

My favorite products to use on a daily basis are: Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder, discontinued Everyday Minerals Tinted Silk Dust, and Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets (the blue ones; they're the best ever!)

What's your everyday favorite product to control oily skin?

3 comment(s):

MAKEUP central-by LYN said...

this was a really great post! I love all the reviews of different products! Now I know what to try next. I have the urban decay de-slick. It's a lavender color pressed powder that is supposed to be a mattifier, but I think it accentuates my dry skin more than matte it out. I'm thinking of trying the MAC prep + prime one since it's readily available, I also have their pressed blot powder and I like it better than the UD but still not great. If kryolan was available in stores, I'd def. get that! Anyway, enough ramblin, lol! Love this post!

Farangis said...

After reading this I was thinking about why somethings worked for you and others not. And then it hit me.
You're sure you're reacting to Talc and not to other ingredients? (Talc is a mineral too) Maybe you used too much so it was too drying?
For me I found out, that if I use anything containing Kaolin, my skin gets even more oily. The Kaolin (clay) is just TOO drying anf the skin reacts with producing more oil which leads to pimples.
The product you find the best has talc as well as rice powder but the EDM rice powder doesn't do the same job. You don't like the Kaolin since it seems to not absorb well, but maybe it does absorb more than you think and your skin just reacts?
So the mixture of your favorite powder seems to be just the right amount for your skin.
(Hope this was not too confusing^^)

Lady Lostris said...

@MAKEUP central-by LYN, thanks for reading! I hope it helped. =)

@Farangis, talc based products have always broke me out and always looked too cakey on me- MAC Studio Fix, Clinique powder, drugstore pressed powders, & pressed blushes with talc as the FIRST ingredient. With the Kryolan, talc is the SECOND ingredient and I don't know if it could just be 2% talc in there. But if you feel the Kryolan powder, it's very finely milled and light- and it may be a different form of rice starch than from other companies...IDK.

The Purely Cosmetics Oil Absorb worked better than the EDM Kaolin, and that one has even more clay in it than the EDM but it didn't make my skin oilier. IDK, it's just diff. for other people; it's all an annoying trial and error process. But I'm glad I finally found something that works- Kryolan! It's inexpensive too and made in Germany- your country! =)

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