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YouTube Deletes Innocent People's Videos!

So I finally had free time today to log into my YouTube account to answer questions and watch my subscriptions. I happened to scroll through my videos list from the drop-down menu option and saw some extra text at the bottom of the last video that I uploaded, which was titled "Tarte Eye Couture Day-to-Night Palette." There was a strange link there also and then I saw that it was some kind of copyright infringement warning. Oh snap!

It was because of the music that I used in my video, which so many people use in their videos but their videos don't get deleted and I'm not even a partner. What really ticks me off is that if YouTube is going to have a rule about not being able to use copyrighted music in your vids, then they should be CONSISTENT with their enforcement of it! Otherwise, their rule becomes fallacious, it becomes a joke. Why nitpick at this person here or this little person there and let the others go then? I'm not saying I want everybody else's videos to be deleted. I'm saying YouTube is a joke when it comes to their rules. Why don't they erase all the hater videos with racist and hating remarks instead? Why don't they erase all the smut? Why don't they erase the stolen videos that people steal from others? Why don't they focus their time on things that actually matter?!

So they gave me some options to solve the problem:
1. Mute the audio track of the video: WTF?! If I do that, then you can't hear me talking! Am I supposed to type in subtitles?
2. Audio swap the video track with YouTube approved music: I don't think there's a way to replace certain parts of your video with that option so that's useless. Great USELESS option!
3. Delete your video
4. I can't remember what else they had....

So I'm like, hmm, well I guess I have to just delete it but it turned out (which I didn't know at the time) that they had already removed the video but the link for it was still up. So why are they asking me to choose to delete my vid when they had already did that? Gosh, there are some real geniuses at YouTube.

According to their copyright tips, even if you give credit to the song and artist, it is still an infringement on copyrighted music. So now that they've "found me out" I guess I can't add anymore music to my videos which will be a big let down for me and my subscribers that enjoy it. I really felt that it added to the video and I really liked to cue my pictures and effects to whatever track was playing. Those little nuances add to the entertainment of the video. But sadly, I won't be using anymore music, not unless I get back to practicing the piano and use some of the that. LoL. I hope that won't be too lame!

I understand that I don't own the right to the music but I'm not making copies and selling it to people. And almost everyone puts, or actually sings, some kind of copyrighted music in their videos but they don't get deleted. It doesn't make sense!

But anyways, if any of my lovely subscribers are reading this, I want to say thank you for supporting me and that I really appreciate you guys. Without you, I would have never continued to make helpful videos, which are all for you! =) I was really mad earlier but now I feel better and all the wonderful comments have cheered me up. THANK YOU SO MUCH guys. I LOVE YOU ALL! And I'll probably continue to make videos but it just won't be the same for me =(*
Check out my blog though because I'll be updating it more often.

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Stay strong! Cute blog.

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