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*~Amazing Lipsticks~*

I found some new HG lipsticks and I'm so excited. These are the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Color Comfort Lip Colors which are pretty pricey for a drugstore lipstick at $9.99 each but they are definitely worth every penny. Luckily, Long's Drug has a BOGO coupon in their ad this week so you can get 2 for the price of one. You can find these at most drugstores and at, where they have some really good pictures of all 21 colors.

"Just one application saturates your lips in high-impact color and pampering moisture. Color Comfort Lip Color features our new gel-cream formula with spherical pigments for superior adherence, texture and lustrous shine. Experience advanced lip-color performance that's ultra-comfortable and long wearing."

PACKAGING: A satin dusty-sage green with a shiny inner tube. The closure snaps a little loosely though.

PRICE & QUANTITY: $9.99 for 2.0 grams of product (Made in Italy BTW)

PIGMENTATION: Freaking awesome! If you have dark pigmentation on your lips, these will cover it right up.

FORMULA: Again, freaking awesome! Imagine the creaminess of a NYX Round lipstick but super moist with a very sufficient shine/gloss so you don't really need to apply lipgloss over it, unless you want a high shine. Forget MAC Cremesheens (although I still love 'em, lol) but these are a bit cheaper.

SOME INGREDIENTS: Sweet almond oil, grapefruit extract, cocoa butter, paraben-free

COLOR DESCRIPTIONS: Rosy Brown (my love!) - the perfect neutral pinkish-brown creme; Seashell Nude - not so nude to me; it's rather dark but it's a rose-pink with subtle gold shimmer

Here's my "killing-two-birds-with-one-stone-two-faced" lip swatch...
IRL they are slightly darker, the flash washed them out a little.

And arm swatches...
Behold the moistness & shininess =)


(Sorry for the slightly blurry pics. My clumsy self dropped my camera on my table a few days ago and I don't know if it messed it up. It's all good though; I bought the extra warranty!)

1 comment(s):

.cupcake love. said...

oOh I like these !
I want to try :)
Have you tried the new Revlon Matte L/S ?
The Nude Attitude is a really good nude color.. obviously it's name. LOL
Actually, Nude Attitude & Rosy Brown kind of look alike ?? 0_o
Not sure.. don't quote me !

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