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Top 3 Most Hated Beauty Rituals


I wish I was lucky enough to apply a tinted moisturizer or brush on some loose translucent powder and head out the door but nope. I need full coverage and since I use mineral makeup, I need a little time to buff it in to look flawless.

You girls who don't even need foundation are so lucky!


Removing nail polish is not my favorite thing to do. I usually sit there and rub and rub.... Then sometimes I have to go and get another cotton ball. But what hurts the most is doing my toenails. OUCH! My neck and my back! >_<


I hate brush washing day. It's just not fun and I tend to waste a lot of water too but I'm trying to be more green.

I usually do it once a week but now I've split it up into two days a week- one day for face brushes and another day for eye brushes.

See! All clean and dry now and back in their dust-free home... =)


9 comment(s):

IsaLeiese said...

OMG! Girl Im so in the same shoes as you!!!! I swear I think I spend more time trying to keep my brushes freaking washed then actually using As for coverage, UGH!!! I so envy those chicks that just swipe on and its porcelin doll face. lol.

charlene-ann said...

i am soo jealous of your beautifully shaped nails =p & i hate taking off nailpolishes too =(
ohh & where did you get your brush holders i should really get one of those so my brushes dont get so dusty..=)

importzgurl said...

haha i agree with number 1 and 3, have u tried using 100% acetone like the ones they have in nail salons, it removes polish immediately

Queencess said...

I agree! Removing nail polish, washing my brushes oh and cutting my nails! Grr.

Vanessa M. said...

heeeyyyy did you press those councelaers?

Lady Lostris said...

@IsaLeise- I know! I wish I had that porcelain doll face...

@charlene-ann- Thanks hun!
I got the covered plastic boxes from Beverly Crafts, which are sparsely located all over California but I don't think they're located anywhere else and I've never seen these boxes @ Michael's or Joann craft stores. It's just called a "Craft Box" and I had a link in green @ the bottom to my previous post about them. =)

Lady Lostris said...

@importzgurl- We used to use 100% acetone in Chemistry lab when we were bored but I think it dried out our nails.

@Queencess- I actually enjoy cutting my nails. LoL =P

@Vanessa M.- Yes I did press those concealers. I just used 90% isopropyl alcohol which works better on matte powders than shimmery ones.

importzgurl said...

yeah true its kindda harsh, but what you could do is mix it with regular nail polish remover, that way theres more acetone in it to make it quicker

Gabriela said...

I love putting on makeup but I hate taking it off. Sometimes I have to use more than one layer of cleanser to remove foundation and mascara. Sometimes I'm so sleepy... and putting that cold lotion on my face is less than enjoyable.

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