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Are you ready for more swatches? I bought more NYX only because Cherry Culture had that Valentine's Day special where everything was 20% off, so it was like I got free shipping. I also picked up 3 more Circe's and 1 more Natural lipgloss as backups, because you can never have too much of your favorites, right? =) Click here for those swatches.

Olive Grove has a light golden peach, a light pale sage & a mid-tone olive. Iced Mocha (where have you been all my life?) is a cool-toned taupe brown. All of these are shimmers and are swatched over a NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Cottage Cheese. [Love this look: olive on the lid, golden peach on the crease, pale sage as highlight and on the tear duct area. Bam! And add some Iced Mocha to the outer V if you want.]
Simple Olive Grove Trio Look

Hightlight: pale sage (middle color)
Crease: tan peach (left)
Lid: olive (right)
For more oomph, add Iced Mocha to outer-V!

Chambord is shimmery while Smokey Look (peachy-nude) has subtle shimmers in it. The middle two lippes are mattes.
Sierra is a peachy terracotta color that's really pretty. As for Cocoa, I don't like it on me because it's too much of a dull purple-pink. I wanted to get Pumpkin Pie or Snow White but they were out of stock. =(

I need to stop buying lipsticks.

TRIVIA- I used to pronounce NYX as n-y-x until I found out that Nyx (knicks) is the Greek goddess of the night, which is the same name on their mega shine glosses. Many of their lipsticks are a name of a Greek god, goddess, monster (etcetera) like Circe, Alecto, Medussa, Hestia & Ceto.

7 comment(s):

Farangis said...

You sure you want pumkin pie?
I have it and I'm rather disappointed. I'd much lighter than it looks on the pic - not in pigmentation but in color.
Since I do have a peachy skin under tone and this is also a peachy/orangy color, it doesn't look good at all. Nothing special but also not natural *hmpf*
(Ok the color pic on the nyx site is also not correct - the true lipstick is even lighter!)

Lady Lostris said...

@Farangis, yes! Send it on over. lol
Circe is kind of a peachy beige nude color and it looks good with my skin tone.

And the swatches @ Cherry Culture are the worst. Nonpareilboutique has better swatches

Vanessa M. said...

iced mocha is pretrtttyy!!!!
happy vday babe!!! :D

babycoconut said...

Thank you so much for your review of the Sally Hansen Lipsticks. I bought Seashell Nude today and loved it!

Lady Lostris said...

@Vanessa M, Iced Mocha is one of my faves! Thanks hun =)

Lady Lostris said...

@babycoconut, I LOVE those lippies. They're probably the best formula I've ever tried. Glad you liked the lipstick hun! =)

Jessica said...

i got lippies from for cheaper and she has great customer service. (: plus the false lashes are really nice.

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