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Review: Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara

I officially HATE THIS MASCARA! So let's get to it...

I am reviewng the Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume mascara and this is the Waterproof version in Very Black with the blue wand and clear blue tip on the cap.

PRICE: Around $7.49 @ drugstores
PACKAGING: Cute pink tube with a shiny cap
BRUSH: Rubber with concave sides and a tapered tip, which I prefer over the rubber Christmas tree shaped brushes that are wide at the base and taper down to the tip. The Maybelline brush is easier to use and covers all your lashes including your tiny inner lashes and bottom lashes. The brush is probably the only thing I like.
FLAKING: Surprisingly no flaking for a waterproof mascara, which I've come across many times
FORMULA: No clumping. It does thicken but it's nothing spectacular. As for lengthening it's meh. =/ But after 2 coats, sometimes I feel like I have to grab a lash comb.

The color is a dark black but the flash just washed it out to gray.

So what's wrong with it? Look at the picture below. First of all, I don't have a problem about my lashes sticking straight downward and I like to curl my lashes at the base so that they curl straight upward; I don't like to crimp curl them.

After applying this mascara, the tips of my lashes stick straight up and act as they should. But after a few minutes I look in the mirror and notice that a few of my LASH TIPS ARE CURLING DOWNWARD, which has NEVER HAPPENED to me before with any other mascara. At first I thought I was trippin', but after a few more tries the same thing happened to me on a few random lash tips. It's WEIRD! I don't know what's happening. All I know is that I wasted my BOGO choice and should have got something else.

THE VERDICT: Hated it!

5 comment(s):

da goose said...

Thanks for the informative review! I was considering whether or not to try it since the original was meh, so-so.. but making your lashes go downward, thats a first :s

charlene-ann said...

aaahhh im def. staying away from that mascara lol...did u pick up nething from the hk collection? or are u planning to? =)

Jingyu said...

the downward-curling lash tips may be called "fly legs". it's quite like those tiny curling legs of a fly, eh?o(∩_∩)o...
love your blog!

Vanessa M. said...

yukers...thanx for the heads up!

R.Naukana said...

This is so weird! I love this mascara. I have straight lashes and need to curl them religiously and when I put on this mascara I get very long and defined lashes. Sorry it didnt work out for yu.

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