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NAILS: Coral, Orange & Grey + CNY Special

Here are more nail swatches! I swear I haven't trimmed my nails since I've started doing these but I'm going to cut them in half soon. These are 3 of the 5 Carolyn New York nail polishes from my "Collective Haulie" post...

Korean Fruit & Flower Stand is so bright that it's almost a neon color and I love it! It's a pinkish-coral creme.

Amber Street Lights is definitely one of my all time favorites because of it's shimmery rusty orange loveliness. It's such a summer color and I can't wait until the weather warms up.

Sunset on the Hudson is a sheer peachy-pink with gold shimmer. It's a very wearable color that actually does remind you of a sunset.

Until midnight on Valentine's Day, Carolyn New York is offering two sets of specials for $15 each. A bottle of polish is regularly $7.99 so this is truly a value pack. Each set comes with a free bottle of cuticle oil and a free top coat. I don't really like their top coat though because it's fairly dull-looking but I love their rubber-handled bottles. (Click pictures to take you to the website)

  • New York Harbor
  • Cheating in Queens
  • Poppy Chulo
  • Street Fairs
  • Catholic School Girls
  • Citrus Cuticle Oil

  • Blackout in the Bronx
  • Mugged on the 6 Train
  • Brownsville
  • Hillside
  • Hangin' on the Stoop
  • Lavender Cuticle Oil
I love how they included a "dark hearts" collection for those of us who are single! LoL.

Oh, and if you noticed my "Sunset" nails picture on the sidebar, that's Amber Street Lights on the tips, Sunset on the Hudson as a base color and for the stripe I used an old discontinued bottle of Revlon Top Speed in Spice. It was a little goopy so the stripe wasn't smooth but I liked how it came out. =)


Can you believe some anonymous dimwit left me a RUDE COMMENT about how I should cut my nails because they look CHEAP and FAKE. What a JEALOUS BIATCH!!!!! That's the only negative comment I've got about my nails in my whole life. No more anonymous comments from now on.

This one's for you!

Handball Courts is a lighter grey than Hangin' on the Stoop, but this is more sheer (I had to use 4 coats, 2 thin & 2 thick) and it has subtle shimmer in it. Hmm...Hello Kitty "On the Prowl"?

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. said...

These colors are so beautiful, I have been looking for the perfect rust colored and peach-pink polishes! Thank you for posting!
p.s. sorry to hear about the negative comments on your nails. I think they are beautiful, the perfect length and shape, though maybe it's because my own nails look similar. ;)

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