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Mini Accessory Haul

I redeemed my "$10 off any purchase of $20 or more" coupon at Claire's today. I took quite a while getting exactly $20. LoL. Grand total with tax was only $11.34.

Regular price $7.50
18 " necklace- regular price $7.50
Lipgloss with charm- regular price $5.00 (not sticky and smells good!)
Do you ever go to Burlington Coat Factory? They have lots of fashion accessories there also not too mention a lot of e.l.f. makeup kits. These 2-pack comfortable headbands ($2.99) don't hurt the sides of your head and mold to the shape of your head for a perfect fit. I love tortoise shell!
Zorro masks you say? Haha (Here's the aftermath of my pink roses)

2 comment(s):

importzgurl said...

great haul, love the earrings and the necklace

Vanessa M. said...

aww i didnt get a coupon :(
but pretty goodies! love the earings!

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