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OMG, I Can't Wait...

Everyday Minerals posted up a new picture of their upcoming items arriving in late January of next year. And oh my gosh, I just can't wait! They'll finally have a stippling brush that's 100% synthetic and you know it's going to be super soft and of good quality, not to mention super cheap if ordered in a kit.

They'll also have recyclable pressed powder compacts that look like a regular plastic compact that snaps shut and not that cheap cardboard packaging. No more depotting their pressed powders into a MAC compact for me. LoL. Hopefully it will have a mirror in it but I'm disappointed that it doesn't have an extra area on the bottom of the compact to put a brush or disc sponge like you see in a Studio Fix compact or a Physician's Formula blush compact. =( I'm not too fond of the baby blue color either because it looks a little childish but it's all about function.

I guess I'll wait next year for my next order and pass on their current special called "Yulelikethis." (Enter the code "yule" until Dec. 24th and receive 17% of your order. For orders over $17, before shipping and the discount, you'll receive 3 free sample sizes of a blush and 2 eyeshadows, not to mention a special extra surprise gift that they're keeping a secret. Hmm, pressed powder compact? Probably not though.)

And for those of you who didn't already know, EDM always has a special going on and they post it on their website under the "community" section and under the "specials" section. Hope this helps!

6 comment(s):

Queencess said...

Dang, I just spent $21 last week! I hate when that happens!

Titty said...

Awww I just spent $100 dollars yesterday on EDM so that I can have something for my mom and sister for Christmas. (I live in Dallas so it gets here within the time limit.)

But I sure can't wait for the fiber duo brush!

I guess I'll keep you updated on what the surprise is LOL

Farangis said...

I can't wait for the compacts! Ok I already got all their pressed blushes but still - the compact is a must :D

Titty said...

Okay, I got it today. Two days, lol.

Anyway, I got 3 eyeshadows and 1 blush, all SAMPLE sizes.

I know they've had better sales! This is weird! Such as Launch party and full size bronzers and blushes...

And don't tell me the last "SURPRISE" was an eyeshadow... LOL Because that is a sucky surprise!! The foundations DID come with green tops... compared to brown tops from the old packaging... lol

Titty said...

Previous comment was regarding promotional free stuff ^_^ if I sounded confusing.

Lady Lostris said...

Titty, LoL about the sucky surprise! A sample sized eyeshadow doesn't seem so exciting the way they had made it seem on the website.

But at least they had freebies with a low purchase of $17 because it's usually $31 or $34 for extra freebies.

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