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N.Y.C. Eyeshadow/Lippie Review

I got these a few weeks ago when the eyeshadow palettes were on a "Last Chance 50% Off" clearance so I got the quad for $2 and the duo for $1.50. These are my first NYC eyeshadows and I don't think I'll be buying them again. I've always wondered why drugstores have those yellow clearance tags on certain items here and there. The last time I bought stuff on "yellow clearance last chance special" were the Maybelline Dream Mousse Shadows and they were horrible!

Mod Quad in Far Out Fawns (Reg. Price $3.99)
  • Comes with a brown cream liner and three neutral shadows
  • "Cream" liner is really hard and dry and not good enough to use as a base for eyeshadow
  • Pigmetation isn't that great, as you can see in the swatches
  • Highlight color doesn't show up on me unless I really pack it on
  • I wouldn't buy this again
(Maybe it's on clearance because it's being discontinued or reformulated)

Eye 2 Eye Duo in Pink Ink (Reg. Price $2.99)
  • Powdery texture
  • I like the pink more than the grey, which wasn't as pigmented as I would've liked it to be
  • I wouldn't buy this again but I was looking for a pink exactly like this so it's OK, it's still usable

Ultra Last Lip Wear in Snowcone ($1.99)
  • A light baby pink with shimmer
  • I have several of these lipstick and love them!
  • Snowcone, Rose Gold & Mousse are my faves
  • These are the ones with the square caps and not the round caps, which I don't like because I think the round ones are drier
(I'll have to swatch all my NYC lipsticks and lipglosses later)

Liquid Lip Shine in Cherrywood ($1.99)
  • A gorgeous shimmery dark pinkish-burgandy in the tube but lighter on the lips
  • Texture is a little thick but still moist when used over a lip balm
  • I have 5 different colors and love these for the price
  • They last pretty long because of it's thicker texture but it's not sticky or tacky
  • The smell to me is like vinyl or plastic, which I don't care for but I'm getting used to it
  • My faves include Sungold Pink, Cappuccino, Iced Orchid, Cherrywood & Pearl Glow

Whenever there's a BOGO at the drugstore, I pick up a couple of NYC lippies just to ease my makeup urges without breaking the bank, especially nowadays. For reals...

4 comment(s):

Vanessa M. said...

eek! sorry you didnt like you NYC, i dont really like em either, i do have 1 baked e/s from them that i got in a swap and i like it! its aquamarine (i have it on today actually) and their not too shabby... :)

Farangis said...

Hmm you know, it could be that they do such a sale on items that are (or nearly) gone bad already.
I saw your review of the mousse e/s and I looked at them in my drugstore - I didn't have the problems you showed. But I can imagine that they easily dry out or go bad after a while. (or maybe they got too hot *struggle*)
Anyway I suggest you look at a tester of the e/s where it is not on sale out, just to make sure ^_-

~lisa said...

im waiting for my neutral palette too, did u see CS has a new blush and shadow palette and an empty blush palette too. oh btw i just got my elf haul, the studio brushes are amazingly soft!! i'll make a video soon

Sofia said...

omg i love the nyc l/g I hve these Iced Orchid, Cappuccino, Sungold Pink, and Dusty Rose

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