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I Heart Sally Girl

Sally Girl connecting compact eyeshadows, which are found at Sally Beauty Supply stores, are the best cheapest shadows out there. They are only $0.99 for 1.1g but for some reason in my area they're $1.29 each but I don't mind paying a little extra for these. You can slide the sides of each compact together and create your own duos, trios or quads. Forty-eight colors are available and most of them are very wearable besides the few brighter colors such as Glow Green, Purple Haze and Turquoise. I think anything over 4 eyeshadows hooked together start to sag at the ends but you can hook up as many as you like. These are so portable you'll love taking them with you anywhere as opposed to your depotted round eyeshadows because you won't need a palette for these.

The pigmentation is awesome and the texture is smooth and not powdery like NYX in my opinion.

I picked up three new shadows recently in Peach, Auburn and Charcoal. More warm colors to add to my collection! Espresso, Charcoal and Auburn are my favorites so far.


  • Peach: matte light peach
  • Auburn: shimmery terracotta
  • Charcoal: shimmery light-medium silvery grey
  • Green Apple: shimmery mid-tone lime/kiwi green
  • Orange Crush: shimmery mid-tone orange
  • Copper: shimmery mid-tone golden orangey-bronze
  • Espresso: shimmery medium-dark brown with warm undertones
  • Onyx: matte soft black or deep charcoal
  • Cinnamon (not shown): shimmery light-medium tan with peach undertones

The mortise on the right side of each compact (groove pictured on the right) and the tenon on the left side of each compact (pictured on the left) is how they slide together.
Simple Sally Girl Daytime Neutrals

Highlight: Peach
Crease: Espresso
Lid: Charcoal
Tearduct: a bit of Charcoal & Peach
Outer-V and Liner: Onyx
Lower Lashline: Copper

For a more smokey look, use a darker base (like black or gray) on the lid and apply Charcoal and Espresso more heavily. Then apply charcoal on lower lashline instead of Copper. Use Onyx more heavily on outer-V and outer lower lashline. Then use your favorite black eyeliner.

Final Grade: 5 out of 5 stars <3

2 comment(s):

Vanessa M. said...

i saw these!! but wasnt sure ... yay! ima get em!

RxBeautyChic said...

These little guys are amazing! I actually just went out and bought 5 more...which means I now have 15 of them lol >.<

The baked shadows are pretty good too. Very cute packaging also.

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