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The Dolman Sleeve

I've never known the name of the style of this type of shirt so I looked it up. That's the wonders of the internet. It's called a Dolman Sleeve and it's defined as a sleeve that is very wide at the armhole and tapers to a tight wrist. It's name derives from the Turkish dolama, which is a robe.

Many Dolman sleeve tops don't have to taper to a tight wrist to be called as such. The picture below is a sample of a shirt that does.

I picked up a Rampage sweater the other day at Ross for only $16.99 and it was originally $48. I love Ross! You have to look around and aroundto find something good though.

I prefer Dolman Sleeve tops that have a fitted or tight waist. That way, it doesn't seem so bulky since it fits loosely in the bodice and arms. This is very comfortable to wear and airy too! So it doesn't keep you that warm but warm enough on a light fall day.

I added a Daisy Fuentes necklace that I got at Kohl's to go with the look. I also wore it with dark wash jeans.
Then I threw on my Steve Madden heeled shoes. Yup, I'm still wearing open-toed shoes in the fall because it's not that cold yet. Do you find that Steve Madden's run a little small? I usually wear an 8 but this pair are 9's. Whoa!
OT: I took pictures of all my shoes and printed out little pictures then taped them on my shoeboxes. That way, I'll know exactly what's in them without having to rummage through every box...

So I finally know what's a Dolman Sleeve.

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Farangis said...

I didn't know they have a special name either - good to know. (I have to look up if there is a german translation for it)
They are really comfortable to wear, sadly they nearly disappeared here since that style is no longer "IN". (Maybe it'll change again, don't know but I hope so. I loved to wear them as a teenager.)

And you can still wear open shoes?! Oh dear, here it is already cold - we have about 4°C in the morning *brrrrr* and the most we get is about 11°C over the day. It's definitly going to be winter here soon.

Farangis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Farangis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Farangis said...

I just remembered - we called that "Fledermaus Aermel" - rough translated "bat sleeves" - since it looks like bat wings. *chuckle*
(sry about the deleted comments, I seem to be unable to write today...)

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