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EDM Brush Update

This is my 3rd post today. I am on a roll! =D

Just a little update on the Everyday Minerals Flat Top Buffer Brush with the new bamboo handle that I recently purchased and did a haul post on. It was shedding like crazy and ya know how much I love their super soft, dense, plush, never-shedding brushes! I just had to email them at and told them my problem and they sent me a new brush, no questions asked, in three days. This one does not shed at all so if you have a problem with any EDM product email them and they'll reply to you within a day.
Thumbs up for their customer service! =)

MAC also has great customer service. Remember in one of my haul vids when they screwed up my order and sent me the wrong eyeshadow? I got to keep that one and they sent me the correct one free of charge.

Worst customer service: e.l.f.

3 comment(s):

Farangis said...

See? I told you it's not in generall that the new bamboo handled brushes shed. But it seems they had a series that did so - heard that from other sides as well. Not only the FTB but the e/s brushes as well.

And I also love the EDM FTB - it's the best for MMU foundation for me.

Lady Lostris said...

Farangis, I hope they figured out what the problem was with shedding brushes. And I hope someone didn't get one on their first order and thought that EDM brushes were bad. But their customer service is great!

Vanessa M. said...

wow thats super cool! beautycrunch has great CS too, Urban Apoithocary or however you spell it dosent!

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