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I'm Mad Again >:(

Just when I was in the mood to upload another video, I signed on to my YouTube account this evening just to discover that they deleted another one of my videos!!! ARGH! It was entitled "Brushes Part 1- Flat Top Buffers & Face" where I compared the Everyday Minerals Flat Top brush with a flat top brush I got from Coastal Scents. I also reviewed the e.l.f. foundation brush, Bare Minerals Flawless Face brush, the EDM Angled Blush brush and the EDM Baby Kabuki. It's been about two months since they deleted my last video that I reuploaded without music and this just got me steamed again. ::deep breath::

So I'm trying to keep my brush video up there but I'm forced to mute the whole audio track or replace it with some crappy YouTube approved music. There's no option to replace certain areas of my video with their approved music so I can't just replace the music parts and keep the audio where I'm talking, which will make my video suck! But since I have good pictures in the video, I want to keep it up there and I don't want to go into my files and redub and reupload it. I'll just update the description box.

Blame Prince! LOL. I just had to use "Adore" in both of those videos because I love that song but apparently he's really pissy about his music. Whatever. I still like him though...I ain't mad at'cha. I'm mad at YouTube! LoL.

P.S. I bought gas today and it was only $1.89 a gallon which was unbelievable. It was over 4 bucks at it's highest. It makes me want to fill up those containers with the handles and haul it on home!

4 comment(s):

so-FEE_ah said...

i sure do love da gas prices,,,here in san antonio its $1.79...

oh and i really love the black storage containers..when my collections grows more im pretty sure ill buy them again

Lady Lostris said...

so-Fee-ah, I'm loving the gas prices too!

You know I haven't seen any of those black storage drawers at my Walmart anymore. =( I think it was a Back to School special. I hope they come back.

Farangis said...

Gas is expensive here in europe - we have about 1.3euro per liter (1 gallon is about 3.7 liter I think), and it was up to 1.6euro this year already!

Don't let youtube get to you. We love your vids, musik is fine but you don't need any for us to watch it ^_^ (And you're right I don't like this youtube musik either. But I think they only are fussy about special artists or lables, since there are many ppl uplaoding vids with music which sounds much nicer than the one you put in now in the brush vid, I wonder)

I fand a nice storage pice - Koren mentioned it in one of his vids and I though "omg it's from Ikea! finally something I can get here as well." And now I have a nice drawer which holds all my makeup, till now that is. (I fear it well get more )

Lady Lostris said...

Farangis, it's great that you finally found some nice drawers! Yaye! That's an excuse to get more makeup now. I love IKEA.

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