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Quickie: Black Friday Bargain Jackets

I specifically went to Walmart so dang early in the morning (9:00, well at least to me it's early after a holiday, haha) to get these puffer jackets that were originally $15. But the doorbuster price from 5 am to 11 am was only $8. Can't beat that. The only wearable color left in size small was red so that's for me! I sure didn't want hot pink, lime green, or dark purple. Then the medium black one is for my Mom. She doesn't really have a warm coat and although this is just polyester fill, it's very warm with it's fleece lined neckline and pockets. Eight bucks!

I can't ever live in snowy areas. My California bones don't get along with the cold. =)

Besides this, I only bought the two L'Oreal items in my previous posts this shopping day. The electronics section was jampacked like crazy where you couldn't even walk right so I just decided it wasn't worth it.
Did you hear about the Walmart worker who was trampled to death when he/she opened the doors in the morning? That is so crazy and tragic. Maybe from now on shopping will be made safer because of this incident. Sorry I had to end on a sad note...

CYBER MONDAY is coming soon! More deals on the way...

1 comment(s):

Farangis said...

They look nice^^
Though, I need a winter jacket that's longer, since I get cold on my kidneys and behind too fast *chuckle*
But it's areally good deal for that price!

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