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Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo

In my opinion and from everything I've tried from eyeshadows, brow kits and pencils, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Brunette is the most natural-looking filler for my black brows. It has ashy/taupe tones to it rather than a chocolate brown or an auburn brown, which makes it blend beautifully with my eyebrows. After using up two sample sizes that I got from Sephora, I was ready to get the full size for $22.

It comes with 1.6 g of product so it's just a little bit more than a MAC eyeshadow. This little compact comes with a small but suitable mirror to help you with the daily task of framing your face with defined brows. It's also smudge proof and I find that it lasts all day but I like to put a little Too Faced Shadow Insurance on the skin where my eyebrow hairs grow so that it helps it to stay longer. If TFSI helps your eyeshadow lasts longer, then this should help the brow powder last longer too! That's my little trick. You can try that with any brow powder and primer you're using.

I find that I can use both shades but if I want a more dramatic and defined look, I'll use the darker shade on the right. But for me, the darker shade is still great for everyday.

And after filling in my brows, I use any clear mascara from the drugstore as a brow gel to help my long, straggly hairs stay in place.

What's your favorite brow definer?

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